Time to Re-Program your Body

I have been writing about the transition from Darkness to Light. It’s nice to know that money and wealth will be re-distributed, but what about health? And what is the mechanism?

When is the last time you felt yourself coming down with a cold or the flu? There is a whole series of things that your body does to tell you. Our medical sciences are all based on symptoms and then, tests to see what we have.

What if I were to tell you that how your body reacts when it is getting sick is an operating system, installed by Darkness, to keep you on the verge of being sick. Yes, your body tries to stay on the equilibrium of healthiness, but the deck is stacked against it. Re-member, Darkness is all about Fear, Force and Control and many of us get very concerned about our health.

I have just spent the last three days down with the flu. I use colloidal silver, but make my own with a silver coin in a jug of water after about 24-hours. The first phase took about 36 hours and I thought, initially, that it was over. The second phase kicked in and I thought I had beaten it around 12 hours ago. But, there was something still there messing with me and I realized that it was energetic; it was Darkness still making me sick.

Wait a second. I am strong in the Light and Darkness has been reduced to 33%; how can Darkness still mess with me/Us? The answer is that Darkness setup how our bodies react to sickness thousands of years ago and we tend to just go along with it.

We did not have a choice until just recently. Here’s what I did. I asked my Spirit Guide if I could change out the “sickness” program to a “healthiness” program and got a yes.  Here is what I mean. Instead of a body always operating on the edge of being sick, I installed an operating system that operates on the edge of being healthy; it’s default is health. I, then, made the edge wider, much wider, before falling off into sickness.

The good news is that I did this for myself and anyone else who makes themselves into a Newman or Newoman. Oh, this operating system change will be disseminated/pushed out to to all surviving humans over the next three years; after all, Light has taken over. But, why wait? Go to my Transform Yourself page and do it. It is not difficult and only takes about ten minutes.

If you are already sick, making this change will enable your body to heal itself much more efficiently. Review my post on finding your control room in your Secret Heart; that is another place you can install this new operating system from.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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