Today is the Re-Birth of the US of A

I make a distinction when I write about the US GOVERNMENT as being very Dark. Most people do not realize it, but when the Southern Representatives returned to their States in 1861, the United States of America ceased to be. Oh, we still had a Nation that we called the United States, but that is when Darkness took over and formed the US GOVERNMENT; that is when President Lincoln began ruling as a Military Dictator. All Executive Orders or Executive Memos extend from the first, which is celebrated as the Emancipation Proclamation.

What was this action? By Executive fiat, not an act of Congress, this Proclamation gave freedom to approximately one million slaves. To put that another way, the US GOVERNMENT seized $4 Billion worth of assets in 1865 dollars, without the possibility of compensation.

Congress was not involved in this action, why? Until the start of hostilities, Congress was divided between the Free States and the Slave States and was incapable of making such as decision. After the start of hostilities, half of Congress left and the organization was broken, unable to establish a quorum to do business.

Wait a second; you mean that Congress, and all of it’s laws, have been illegal since 1861? Congress will say no, but the answer is YES. When Congress ceased to be, the Civil War still had to be fought and Congress had to come up with the money. So, essentially, Congress declared the Southern States to be rebels with no right to representation in Congress and re-established a “quorum” based on the Northern States. When the conflict was over, there was a 20-year period when the Southern States were re-integrated; this was actually called, “Reconstruction.”

The trouble here is that the United States of America was established in a Constitutional Convention which was ratified by all of the States. When the Southern Representative left, that agreement/contract was broken. We all think we have a “Constitution” and, we did, but, technically, it ceased to be when Congress ceased to be.

OK. We are a Military Dictatorship with the organizational trappings of a representative democracy which as based on our “Constitution.”  The US GOVERNMENT has papered over what happened and continued to rule as if nothing had changed. However, something huge changed. Before the Civil War, the Laws of Congress only applied to the District of Columbia, ports/harbors and Military Installations; States had many more State’s Rights. After the Civil War, the Federal Government became all powerful.

But, hey, we still have Congress and the Supreme Court, don’t we? Yes, but they are subservient to the President and his Bureaucrats. They exist only because the American People expect them to exist. The transition from Light to Darkness was handled smoothly and the American People did not seem to pick up on the huge changes that occurred.

OK, what else? Under our “Constitution,” we had something called “Common Law” and the principle that we were all Sovereign before the Law. Along the way, that got subverted and now, we have Statute Law and, if, we consider ourselves to be Citizens, we subject ourselves to all of those Statutes and Regulations. Oddly enough, Common Law and the Sovereign approach are still there in the Law, but most people are clueless about it.

In the past decade, there has been a resurgence in the use of “Common Law” and individual Sovereignty; this all happened as we were growing stronger in the Light.

Alright, thank you for the history lesson. What happens now?

Light is going to re-establish the United States of America. How? Well…there must be a new Constitution Convention and a return to a limited Federal Government. There must be a renewal of the separation of powers between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches. Light will bring the order of Limited Government back; the era of Big Government will, really this time, be over.

OK. When is all of this going to happen? Soon, probably this coming Fall, say, October-November.

Light took over yesterday. Light has it’s own Agenda and this Post covers some of it. I have focused on the United States as I am an American, however, this Agenda will play itself out in every Nation State on Earth; limited Government, more individual freedoms and the destruction of theocracies like Islam.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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