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Sequence of Events

I am still unable to get accurate “when” for these events, but it is getting closer, perhaps even CLOSER.

Here are the events:

  1. Pandemics in Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa.  These will spread to similar peoples in Europe, North America, Central America, South America and Australia.  This will be like the 1918 Flu in Europe, but far worse around the world; billions will return to Spirit or die.
  2. While our world is reeling from dis-eases, the entire digital-money-fueled economies of the world will collapse, starting with the European Union. Governments everywhere will seize the assets of the dead and dying. The entire social “safety net” idea will collapse as well; not enough people making or taking.
  3. Religious Gods will be rejected; how can “they” allow such mass dying to happen, especially visible to everyone on TV and Internet displays.  Government will try to censor the images, but social media will prevail.
  4. People will, at first, try to isolate themselves, but far too many are too dependent on others; dis-eases will run rampant through the populations. Unlike many of the pandemics in our history, peoples of color or “minorities” will be the primary “targets” of these dis-eases; this will be very disconcerting.
  5. From start to finish, all of these events will be over in 90 days.  Everyone should buy a big bag of rice and several bottles of cooking oil; this, and clean water, is all that is required to keep the body going during this crisis.

This may seem to be a drastic change in our world, but this is all coming as part of the great energy change that is happening now.  A year ago, Darkness was firmly in charge with 80 percent of the world’s power.  In the year since, Darkness has morphed into Turquoise and Light into Aqua; the difference is that Aqua will have 66.666 percent of the power on November, 11th, 2013.  That is just a few days away.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Federation of Planets is Real!

And yes, Star Fleet Command is also real.  We Earthlings have been mind controlled for so long about Aliens and visitors from other worlds that we are clueless.  Our Governments have exploited the technologies from crashed space craft.  The German Flying Saucers are now being used by the Hollow Earth peoples as the hidden New Swabia colony was welcomed in the Hollow Earth.  Yes, Jules Verne was writing fact, not fiction.

Area 51 is mostly underground; there are 88 levels underground and the first 24 are controlled by the US Government.  Notice, I did not say US Air Force. But what about the other 64 levels?  The Hollow Earth peoples control them.  Go to You Tube and research the Hollow Earth.  There is lots of truth there.

Ok. Back to the Federation of Planets.  I have already written about Pleiadian Humans here amongst us; they have undersea bases, but have had to move them recently.  One was near Japan and the other just north of Puerto Rico.  They are still here.  Star Fleet Command has a large, very capable space station on the other side of Saturn and have had a presence in our Solar System and on Earth for about 3,500 years.

Many of our technological breakthroughs have been aided by Pleiadian Humans here amongst us.  Their policy is to help us to achieve technological advances, but not to hand them to us.  Believe it or not, we have taken some technologies and pushed far beyond where the Pleiadians are; especially in communications, networking and computers.  Our smartphones are especially prized by the Pleiadians.

Believe it or not, our Solar System is in orbit around a large, dense, Dark Star called Alcione or Alycon (al-i-son).  There are five other star systems in orbit around Alycon.  Not counting Earth, there are nine planets with Human populations in orbit around Alycon.  These nine Space-going planets call themselves the Federation of Planets.  Earth is almost ready to join the Federation as the tenth planet.

We have not been invited to join yet, but after the Baseline Energy (Aqua-Turquoise), Pole Shift , Earth Changes and population shifts that are happening, a delegation of Federation leaders will appear in Earth orbit.  This is going to happen much sooner than any of you have imagined.

Are the Pleiadians communicating with our Governments?  The UN?  The answer is no.  These organizations are not trustworthy enough and are still dominated by men and women who got their power from Fear, Force and Control (Darkness).  Yes, that means all of the world’s leaders in all branches of Government.

Remember, they are amongst us and are looking for “enlightened” beings to represent Earth in the Federation.  There are no “enlightened” beings in the Political Classes on Earth; they are there for themselves, not for others.

With the recent energy shift to Aqua and Turquoise, many changes are being made and the Pleiadians are starting to get excited about possibilities.  We, Earthlings, have much to share and trade with the other nine Human planets.