We are All “Green” Suckers

In the last 20 years, we have all bought (or most) into the Global Warming non-sense. We have been told that carbon dioxide is a very bad thing that must be eliminated (or somehow locked/bottled up). Never mind that all plant life on land (and in the oceans) depends on carbon dioxide for photosynthesis; plants take the carbon and release the oxygen.

Recently, our Global Masters (WEF Technocrats) have told us that nitrogen is somehow bad, even though the air we breath is composed of 70% nitrogen. WTF? They are trying to force Dutch farmer to stop growing food. Again, WTF. Much of our world is facing food shortages/famine.

So, how did this happen? The Globalists have been trying to change things on Earth for more than 100 years so that the Elite few could rule Everywhere. At first, it was going to be socialism and communism that would be the great enabler. They set up the Central Banks in the 1920s and created the Great Depression; yes, that was part of the plan. Things we going well until the Soviet Union collapsed. Oh Shit, they had to come up with something else.

They came up with Global Warming, even though 20 years earlier, it was the coming ice age. All of sudden, we were bombarded with rising ocean levels (which never happened) and shrinking ice levels at the poles. Global Warming became Climate Change, but still, carbon dioxide was the evil enemy. Coal became evil and had to be stopped. Oil was not far behind. Gasoline had to be replaced by electric cars (EVs); less range and longer recharging equal more control over the masses. Yes, we spent billions on wind and solar generation schemes, but the problem of storing large amounts of needed electricity just wasn’t there; electricity was needed a night, and what happens when the wind stops blowing?

These alternative power generation technologies worked, but never well enough to replace hydrocarbons. The storage capacity was never robust enough. OK. We had nuclear, didn’t we? Oh no, even though nuclear did not emit carbon dioxide, it put out evil radioactivity and it too, had to be stopped.

The Elite take over of the world hit a speed bump, but Environmentalism/Climate Change came to the rescue. Next, we had to impose the Tyranny of the Technocrats, and enter Covid 19 with lockdowns, masks, and mandatory vaccines that were never tested and have killed many 1000s (or even 100s of 1000s). That is the WEF/New World Order theme that has been going on for a while.

What happened? It seems to be de-railed (or at least de-railing). The Globalist world depended on free trade from everywhere in the world. The Globalist Navy (US Navy) kept the peace; the oil and Chinese goods must be allowed to flow until it was no longer needed.

Next theme. Russia. Let’s go back to the early 90s and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia had developed a robust oil and natural gas industry to supply all of the SSR’s (Republics) that were part of the new Russian Empire. Overnight, the Soviets collapsed and many of the Republics became free (and even joined NATO). What happened to the Russian oil and gas market? It too collapsed overnight.

When you are taking oil and gas out of the ground it is pumped and pressure levels must be maintained. If it is cold, like Siberia, when pressure gaps happen, ice cracks the pipes. After enough cracks, the pipes no longer work anymore and new wells must be drilled. What happens when your customer base goes away suddenly? You run out of storage tanks and you must stop production (pumping); another opportunity for ice cracks. But, fortunately, the Russians had built a network of gas/oil pipes to supply their former Warsaw Pact allies. What a fortuitous turn of events, just when Russia needed new customers, Europe was there.

Under the Soviet system, the oil and gas infrastructure was primitive and corrupt. Companies from the West came in to help the Russians, but it took 30 years to get everything up and running again smoothly (2022).  Yes, right up to the invasion of Ukraine. Now, stop and think. The Russians realized that Europe (especially Germany) was their primary target market. They had pipes crossing Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltic Sea (Nordstream 1 and 2). They were selling a lot of gas and oil to Europe, but how to increase sales?

The Russians saw the new Geopolitical shift the Elites were making and thought, we can get behind that. They jumped on the bandwagon and started pushing for a shift to natural gas as the least offensive form of hydrocarbon. Result? Europe/Germany started buying great quantities of natural gas via those pipes. What else? The Russians started talking about the dangers of nuclear; you know like Cherynoble. The Green idiots fell for this hook, line, and sinker. Coal was shut down. Nuclear was shut down. Massive resources were put into wind and solar. Coal was always there as a backup when the wind did not blow or the sun did not shine. Even better, natural gas could be the backup.

The Russians desperately needed a new market to sell their gas and oil to. They did everything in their power to push the Green Movement in Europe and advance the Global Warming/Climate Change narrative. This was wonderful and enabled more and more dependence on Russian gas and oil. This dependence became so great that Russia obtained significant/great geopolitical leverage from it. Putin actually thought he could blackmail the EU/Germany (and NATO) into sitting on the sidelines when he invaded Ukraine.

We have all seen the upturn in events. Sanctions were imposed. Ships did not sail in the Black Sea. Russian and Ukraine export products like oil, gas, wheat, fertilizer, and industrial metals were blockaded. Most of us do not realize that electric vehicles (EVs) cannot be made without Russian supply chains.

All of a sudden, the supply chains that were disrupted by Covid got even worse; now energy supplies stopped flowing (along with wheat). Oh shit, oh dear; something had to be done to stop this destruction of the Globalist World Order.

Now, the Europeans are seeing the stupidity of their ways. The Russians have cut the flow of natural gas by 60% (and probably more). Everyone is now clamoring to restart the nuclear, diesel, and, even, coal-fired power plants. It is obvious, that the wind/solar generation of electricity is not up to the task even after $Billions spent. What happened to the evil carbon dioxide? Everyone is desperate to prepare for the coming winter.

My point is that these two themes were all about geopolitics; one to take over the world and the other to remake Russia into a Super-Power again. Both of these themes are all about using fear, force, and control or Darkness. The timing for both is unfortunate for them, but great for us. We are in the last year of the energy shift between Ages; just about to enter Aquarius (Officially) in January 2023. The fear, force, and control side of the ledger have only 20% of the Power (they used to have 80%). The more freedom, truth, good choices, integrity, and doing the right things side will have 80% of the powre moving forward. Do you think the Dark Assholes will win? Really?

Neither the WEF or the Russian side understand what is happening. They are doing what they have always done; it should be working. They have been in charge and doing it this way for ten thousand years. Why is it not working???

The Universe is intervening; isn’t it grand and glorious?

We are going back to coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear as soon as possilbe (ASAP). But, that is not the answer. We are on the cusp of revolutionary new energy (and other) technologies; they are all part of this new energy we are about to enter into.

Love, Light and Laughter,


I have been doing many, many, many EVICTions and have been told (by Spirit) that they will be completed by November 1st, 2022. It will be fun to watch.

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