Changes Start Today

Today, Light/Right-Spin has 30% of the Powre in our world/Solar System/local Universe; Darkness only 20% (and that is fixed).

This means that New Beings/Newomen/Newmen can start to receive their powers; the power rollout has begun. Sometime in the next three months, everyone who has put themSelf into the Hexahedron/Cube will get new powers or capabilities. As an example, most will be getting the ability to teleport things to you, like cash, coins, or food (to include bottles or cans). Those New Beings still in the Fire Being degrees, you will be getting your powers in September. Many more capabilities are coming; be a little more patient.

To give you a timeline, Light/Right-Spin will be fully powred up on October 30th, this year. So, everyone will have all of their powers by then. OK. What does that mean? It means that you will have the powers and be able to use them.

Don’t try to become the richest person on Earth, it doesn’t work that way. Just ask for more cash, coins, and food; Spirit will provide more. Please remember that Spirit already knows what you have, but now, you will have a greater priority when you ask for more. We have all been held back by Darkness (all of our lives); that has changed.

All of those Dark Assholes at WEF Davos, the UN, the EU, the WHO, the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF, the CCP, the Deep State, etc., have now been given the short straw. They had all of the power to make $Billions and accumulate lots of power in their containers; think their swimming pools. Claim a nearby lake as yours now; don’t make it too big as you may not be ready for that yet. Fresh water is great for storing power/powre, but you must make sure that your container is sealed and not a sieve. Darkness has made most of our containers so they cannot hold water/powre; a good way to keep us powerless. Now, it is our turn. Select a local Dark asshole who has done you a dis-service and put holes in his/her container. As the power leaks or drains out, so does their wealth. Most of us do not see the world this way.

Some Billionaires are Right-Spinners, even if they are well disguised. Musk, Trump, Branson, Dyson are all in this category, but there are others (not many).

Even better, claim their container and make it yours. You will have to drain it as you do not want to mess with Dark Power, but hey, they are now powerless. The Billionaires have more than one container.

The Great Lakes are already taken.

As you can see, there is Magic/Majik in our world, but most of us do not know how to use it. We, Right-Spinner can begin to use Majik now. Remember words like Spell, Money, Coins, Powre/Power, Block, Limit, Break, Bring, Shoot, Start, Begin, Close are all 5-letter power words. Google 5-letterwords to wrap your mind around how many power words we can use. Remember to say, “Apply” as it is the most powerful power word; it sets intent and focus. The negative use of a word as in “unblock” is still a power word, but to be clear use block not or limit not. The 5-letter words tie in directly with the 5 or 14 Creation Number; read more about that on my Home Page and a few of my Posts. Today is 5-30-2022; every day in May is a 5 day, 30 is six times 5,  30 is a 3 and that can be added to 2 three more times. So, today is a 10 times Creation Day; it doesn’t get much more powerful than that. We are allowed to Create on Creation Days. If you haven’t been allowed to Create (blocked by Darkness), you can start now; your blocks are gone (not).

Last point, as a Right-Spinner, you can now block Darkness from your internal conversations; we have more power/powre than Darkness. It is now time to tune into your head nods and shakes; the information you get will be better. This is important to find out if you can do what you intend. Do you have more whatever coming your way? You can wait to see it, or can ask about it. I know, so many lies, but try again.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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