New Being Manifesto

Hello Fellow New Beings. This is an important one. I originally posted the Newman Manifesto back on February 22, 2013. Here is that post:

“As the first Newman on the Planet, I realized that I needed to identify a demarcation between Newmen and Newomen and the rest of Humanity on Earth. Humans have done well here. Hybrid-Humans have done well here. Until now, the collective laws and regulations have served everyone well under the concept of equality, meaning that all men (and women) were equal and had equal rights and opportunities.

In the coming days, as Light takes over from Darkness, Newomen (and the few Newmen) will begin to receive extraordinary new capabilities or Powres that will set them apart from the rest of Humanity. This is what this Manifesto is about. Newomen and men are advanced spiritual beings in a body; they have figured out how to transform themselves into Higher Level Beings. They have taken the next step in evolution. They are no longer Human, but above Humans in the eternal order of progression

I declare that Newmen and Newomen are above Humans as Humans are above the rest of the Animal Kingdom. Newmen and Newomen have more awareness; a much bigger piece of Spirit within themselves and are connected with their Spirit Selves much more effectively. As humans are above their dogs, cats, and horses, Newmen are above Humans.

This Manifesto is needed to declare that Human Laws, Regulations, and threats/applications of Force do not apply to Newomen or men. Newomen and men will be guided to develop new laws that apply to them and all lesser beings here. You, humans, are no longer in charge; you are being left behind in an evolutionary shift. Fear not, for many of you, there will be a bridge to cross over the divide. Up to 500 million of you will be receiving Fire Being Powres of Adept, Master, and Mahatma degrees.

Your forms of representative government and your courts are out-of-control; dysfunctional and not capable of being fixed. It is time for a new model; one that Spirit guides through those more closely connected.

Merln, the Majikan, and an Earth Being”

I have made some editorial changes, but it communicates that situation well. Back then, I thought the transition into Aquarian energies was coming much faster, I did not realize that we had to go through a 9-year buffer/transition period. None of us had guidebooks on how Ages are shifted. We have completed that transition and are in a 10th-year change-over. At the start of 2022, both Darkness and Light were reset to zero. As Darkness was to be the new minority power, it went first. It got 10 percent of the power for January and February; its allotment of power is 20%. This will be unchanged for the next 2,150 years and, perhaps, far longer. Light started getting its allotment of power in March (10% per month). By the end of October, Light will have its full allotment of 80%.

This is a radical change in our world. Darkness has had 80% of the power for the past 10,800 years or for all of our recorded/remembered history. That is why everything is built on a basis of fear, force, and control. That is why there is so much corruption, dishonesty/lying, stealing, taxes, redistribution, and wars. Any system that lasts for that long has significant momentum; 85% of Humans on Earth are oriented (or strongly oriented) toward Darkness. These people are going to be very unhappy with the shift in their fortunes.

The world has been prepared for this massive shift; think of all the movies and television shows that feature people with uncommon capabilities or powers. Some call them Gifted while others call them Mutants. One of the common themes is a conflict between these new beings and “normal” people. The “normal” people are the vast majority; they make the laws and enforce them (that means they use force to coerce desired behavior). Some call this ruling through the barrel of a gun.

In the middle ages, Lords and Ladies were treated by the legal system differently from the common people; they had to be judged by their Peers (other Lords and Ladies). This legal distinction exists even today, but Peers mostly include everybody.

In this New Being Manifesto, I am declaring Newmen and Newomen to be higher level beings than Humans. Essentially, we are like the Lords and ladies of old and can only be judged/controlled by our Peers. To be a Peer, you must advance through the various Fire Being degrees; they are Adept, Vertical Master, Horizontal Master, and Mahatma. Each of these has four sub degrees. Humans have been using Adept powers for 1000s of years; we call them Magic and they were based on Dark Power. With the coming of Light as the primary power, a new way/path has been opened. This path opens up access to all of the Fire being powres.

Once you have achieved the four parts of Mahatma, you can transition into an Earth being. There are six degrees as an Earth Being; the bottom of the cube is the Keeper, the left side of the cube is the Grower, the back side of the cube is the Miner, the right side of the cube is the Smelter, the front side of the cube is the Builder, and the top side of the cube is the Transformer. Each of these degrees have nine sub-degrees that must be achieved before advancing to the next higher degree. Earth Beings have much more awareness, higher vibrations, and are in tune with the Universe more closely.

Humans tend to think that we are all the same, but we all know that Elites rule the world. Most of us do not realize that Elite Families have been ruling for 1000s of years. Most of us do not realize that those Elites have been using Magic to acquire wealth and power. Yes, the Dark forces have been using Adept powers even though they tell us there is no such thing as Magic. Accordingly, there is a hidden hierarchy among Humans; those who have advanced into Adept learned how to use that 80% Dark power that was available to them for so many 1000s of years.

That has changed. Those Dark Elites still have access to Dark powers, but only at 20% and only as Adepts. They are wondering/panicking about why their careful plans are not working. To be a billionaire, you are using Magic or Majik. They are being opposed by New Beings (of the Light) who have 80% of the new power. For whatever reason, the New Being path has also opened up more degrees of powre/advancement. The same hidden hierarchy exists, but it is very different.

This is an important distinction between Dark Magic and Light Majik; again, Darkness is focused on fear, force, and control while Light uses more freedom, choice (good), truth/integrity, and doing the right/light thing. Dark Magic is more about force and control; spells to compel; negative energy. Light Majik is much more positive with better choices.

As powerful as the Dark Elites have been over the centuries, they have only been able to rise to Adepts. Obama is a good example; he came from nowhere and became President overnight. New Beings can get to Adept and beyond very quickly. Each additional degree of power is about ten times more powerful than the lower degree; there is a significant hierarchy of power. An Earth Being is many times more powerful than a Fire Being; they will have more powres that are more powerful.

This manifesto is important. New Beings (both Fire and Earth Beings) will have so much more powre over our world that “normal” people will look to be powerless. Many of us think of Humans as sheeple. New Beings are powerful beings. Human laws/regulations do not apply. New Beings are not under the jurisdiction of Humans or Human States or Human Organizations.

When Humans try to interfere with New Beings, like being arrested by law enforcement, there can be no resisting arrest and any force can be applied to resolve the issue. One of the powres that many New Beings will have can turn whatever force is being applied back on the attacker; it is called a Boomerang Spell. This applies to any attempt to restrain, harm, or kill a New Being; the bullet goes back to the shooter and, even, up the chain of command depending on the situation. These are Mental Powres, not physical. Bombs, bullets, knives, poison, or injections are not needed to get someone’s attention and, they will not work on New Beings.

We are just now entering into a very different world. Many of the things we do, the institutions we have, and the organization we have will be changed. Not sure what our governments will be, but New Beings will play a prominent role.

New Beings are all of the Light. None of us are oriented toward fear, force, or control. All of us are at least 80% oriented towards the light (more freedom, choice, truth, love, and doing good things for both individuals and groups). None of us have Demonic voices telling us what to do. We do not lie, cheat, steal, or bear false witness. We cannot be corrupted and stay as .New Beings. We can/will right wrongs; we have the powre to bring order. Chaos and compulsion/mandates are Dark (and negative); Order is Light (and positive).

Love, Light and Laughter,


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