Demonic Assault

A few days ago, I wrote about Energy Suckers. Reread that. These Energy Vampires are very dark beings, they target those of us who are strong in the light. We are like Light Houses in the dark; they can see us from a good distance. What do they do with this stolen energy?

Simple, they feed it to their Demons. At first, their Demons are weak, but over time, they attract more and more powerful Demons. These Demons bring them wealth and power. What kind of power? $Billionaire power, political power, bureaucratic power, CEO power, you know, get out of jail free power. Think Hillary Clinton and Joe/Hunter Biden and all the Russian Collusion Hoaxers.

Say there are 1000 billionaires, only 5 or 10 of them are being aided by Angels; all the rest are supporting and being supported by Demons. Everyone at Davos and the WEF, are Demon Carriers. How does this work? These Human beings are already oriented toward Darkness; I call them Left-Spinners. We are all a combination of Light/Right-Spin or Dark/Left-Spin energies. We just left the Age of Pisces (almost) which was dominated by Darkness/Left-Spin. We are in transition from Dark domination to Light domination this year; right now, Darkness has 20% and at the end of May, Light will have 30%. At the end of October, it will be Darkness 20% and Light 80%.

To help you understand, Darkness has been the dominant power (80/20) for more than 10,000 years. Before we are born we have a choice as to whether to be oriented toward Darkness, Neutral, or Light. Most choose the easiest path with the most power; 85% of us on Earth chose Darkness, 10% chose Neutral where you can sit on the fence, and only 5% chose Light. Now, you know why everything is so fear, force and control-based. Ok, that has meant that the Demons have been in charge for a very long time. I mean EVERYWHERE. All of our leaders whether they were political or religious or financial were mostly being guided by Demons; yes 20% were being guided by Angels, but Darkness had a vast amount of the power.

As long as the Demons had all of this power, they were content to keep us fat, dumb, and happy; they worked with the Elites to control all the sheeple. But, wait a minute, didn’t I just write that THEY are losing their power this year? Yes. Remember, they have had 80% of the power for 1000s of years and thought it would never end. It started changing at the end of 2012; you know, the end of the Mayan Calendar. That was the end of Pisces where we all get the word school from. Just look at all of the changes in our world since 2012? Brexit, Trump, Modi, the rise of the populists in Europe, and, even, the collapse of Globalism. Putin and Biden are both, obviously being guided by Demons; together they seem to want us in World War III. Don’t worry, it is not going to happen; Light has more power now.

When an Age ends (Pisces), there is a 10-year period of transition. Actually, it is nine years and the 10th year is the change-over year (2022). We enter Aquarius, officially, on December 22, 2022 (12/22/2022); have fun with all the 5s in that date.

Why are we suddenly becoming aware that we are under Demonic Attack? We have Russia attacking Ukraine thinking it will all be over in four or five days without enough food and fuel (crazy). We have the European Union trying to force countries to give up their sovereignties in the face of ongoing sovereignty issues. We have the UN trying to seize dictatorial power. We have the WHO also trying to seize dictatorial power. We have the Billionaires in Davos trying to seize dictatorial power. What is going on? Simple, the Demons have suddenly realized that they have lost (or are losing) their power over the world. Holy Shit! They have had to come out in the open to push their agenda hard; can’t have the sheeple get out of control.

All the politicians who have pushed masks, lockdowns, and mandatory vaccines are all Demonic guided. The Vatican and Islam are Demon-guided as well; especially the Popes and Cardinals. Look at the mess the Demons have made with “Carbon Zero;” they shut down coal, oil, and nuclear power, and left us dependent on natural gas (from Russia). Meanwhile, they forced us on unreliable wind and solar energies even when we did not have the electrical battery storage technologies. Not only will we be cold next winter, but we will be hungry. Stock up on food, but keep a low profile. These were insanities that were all focused on more control; Darkness is always more fear, force, and control.

We just were exposed to Demons shooting a bunch of kids and having the Police stand down to watch it. All of these mass shootings, all over the world, are the work of the Demons. Where did our Woke World come from? Where did BLM come from? Where did Men competing with Women come from? Where did thinking you can change your gender come from? Where did defunding the Police come from? Where did the thought that you could steal a National Election come from? Where did the thought that you could invade another country and kill/dislocate millions come from?

Fortunately, this is the Darkness before the Dawn. The Demons (and their hosts) are, just now, beginning to realize that the power they have had (over us) is ending/has ended. If there are Demons (and there are), then there are also Angels. OK. All of you Light Being out there, open up yourself to the Angels and Angelic guidance. Envoke the Light and declare that “I am guided by the Light or Angels.”

You can make yourSelf much stronger in the Light by putting yourSelf into the Cube; transforming yourSelf into the Hexahedron.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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