It has been Two Years of Tyranny; 2022 is different

We were all told that we had to give up our rights/freedom in the name of the greater good; the Covid pandemic had to be stopped. We complied. We lockdowned. We wore masks. We social distanced. We stopped working or riding mass transit; some of us could work from home.

Then they told us we must (Mandatory) get the vaccines and boosters. None of these “vaccines” are anything even close to what a vaccine has been; they were all experimental, not tested for long-term impacts, and the pharmaceuticals were all exempted legally.

So, what has happened? We are now being told that masks did not have any value. We are being told that the virus can spread even 60 feet away. We are being told that even if we have had the two shots and up to three boosters, we can still get Covid. Wait a second, the “vaccines” were supposed to make us immune. We were told, over and over, that natural immunities did not exist or were not effective.

Just a few days ago, a major study told us that lockdowns were totally ineffective at stopping Covid, but they sure killed our economies, jobs, businesses, mental health, and hope. How are we going to hold these power-drunk politicians accountable? Whoops, they just made a mistake. Bull Shit, it was all about herding us and making us go where they told us. Remember, the Great Reset?

How many 100s of thousands have died from these “vaccines?” People doing autopsies and embalming are saying that the “rubber-like clots” are what has killed everyone who was “vaxxed.” Get ready, they are trying to hide this, but it is coming out into the open. Where are the people who are responsible going to hide? That is not just the pharmaceuticals, but the media (press and TV) and big tech (Twitter, Facebook, and Google). Yes, and Government too.

Do you think the Oligarchs/Elites/Billionaires (Davos) are going to be able to get on their private planes and escape? Where? New Zealand? No, that place is also being awakened. Australia too.

It is coming out that most of the people who “died” of Covid in hospitals actually died of something else; the hospitals were paid (a lot of money) to list deaths as Covid. This was all to keep us all in fear. This was all to have us hand over our freedoms. This drove the masks, mandates, and vaccinations.

Now, everyone (or many) is waking up. The politicians have all of this power we gave to them; they do not want to give it back. Some of them are trying to make the power grab permanent; it is not going to work. Most of Europe has dropped the Covid nonsense; France, Austria, and Germany are trying to keep the farce alive, but the Trucker Convoys and Anti-Mandate forces will stop them. Same for Scotland and Wales. Even in the US (the land of the Free – Not), most of the states have dropped the Covid insanity, even some of the deep Blue (Democrat Party – Deep State) ones.

The people in charge are all starting to freak out; the people are starting to rise up to take their freedoms back. When enough do, the tyrants will be forced to run for the hills. Somehow, I do not think they will make it.

Because this is a spiritual site, I will end with why this is happening. Some will say, this is just how things ebb and flow or, its happenstance or luck or just the turning of the wheels. No, not, nope. We have just entered a new energy; the Age of Aquarius. It is very different from the old age; it has much more freedom, good choices, truth/integrity, doing-the-right-things, and much less crooked politicians/bureaucrats, corruption, thievery, banditry, and exemptions from wrongdoing.

It is all falling apart for THEM. THEY do not understand what is happening. THEY are the Elites and have always controlled the rabble. THEY have always been in charge and told us what to do and how to do it. Why is this not working anymore?

Great news!!! Our world has changed for the better; yes, Actually. People who operate using fear, force, and control have lost their powers. Not totally yet, but happening quickly.

Look around. All of this movement towards more freedom is part of this shift in energies. Embrace it. Revel in it. Dance for joy! The Great Reset has failed; we are still free. What used to be called “Common Sense” is coming back; Wokism is being driven away.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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