December will be a Bad Month for THEM!

We don’t know who THEY are, but we know they exist. Now, they are trying to get us to go along with another massive Lock Down. THEY are using their old play book that THEY have used for 1000s of years; fear and safety. Give everything up to stay safe.

It has worked quite well over the past two years; they have lied and lied to us about Covid and vaccines. It turns out that people who have been fully vaxxed (two plus boosters) are still going to be quarenteened. What does that tell you?

I am of the belief that the vaccinations are bioweapons to kill millions of us; read about the Georgia Guide Stones. The Elites actually believe that our planet can only support 500 million of us; that is why THEY are trying so hard to killl so many of us. It really does not matter how old (or young) you are or what country you are from; to THEM, we are Useless Eaters.

Look at how many will die this winter from not having enough heat. It seems that our politicians are idiots/stupid; they shut down all of our coal fired electrical generation plants, and then, oddly (doesn’t make any carbon sense), they shut down all/many of the nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, we have all of those wind and solar farms that do not produce enough electricity. Where does that leave us? We can buy a lot of natural gas from Russia. Putin is our friend; do you believe it?

The Delta varient did not work so well. Now, they are trotting out the Omicron varient. It too, will fail. Why? We (writ large) do not believe the medical experts anymore; they have been caught out in too many lies. Trust the science. Not! Trust the Media. Not!!!

What is going on? Many more people are waking up or getting “red pilled,” if you like. About half of us have gone along and gotten our jabs. These are the sheeple and will do as they are told. The rest of us have said Hell No. That is really spooking the Elites. They have, essentially, killed off their Yes Master drones and are panicking over the large number of us who are saying no to the mandates and more lockdowns. Even the military is saying no; that does not normally happen.

If you have been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you know that we are all going through a massive energy shift. It is easy to say that we are completing a shift from Pisces to Aquarius, but what does that mean? To help you understand, think of Light and the amount of light being emitted on our world. 100 years ago, electricity was just starting to be rolled out to the masses. Prior to that only the large cities were large sources of light from gas street lanterns. If you look at the amount of light being emitted today (from the night time areas) it is astonishing. 100 years ago, most of the planet was in total darkness.

Here’s a thought. If Light is higher in vibration than Dark, we have been putting a hugh amount of higher vibrations into our world just by turning the lights on. In that same 100 years, we have seen technological change unlike anytime in our long past. The Light is driving the Darkness away; litorally.

So… what is darkness. We all know it is Fear because we can’t see whats out there. It is also Force and Control. Back to THEM, they are very Dark and have controlled us for 1000s of years using Fear, Force and Control. They think that everything is the same; nothing has changed.

Not! Everything is changing just because there is so much more Light in our world. THEY have figured this out in China; the lights (and heat) are being turned off. They are starting to realize that electricity has, and is freeing us from their clutches. All of this nonsense about Global Warming will kill millions; we are going into a Global Cooling period; it is called a Mini Ice Age. Look up the Eddy Minimum (and the Maunder Minimum as well).

That is a good visual, but, it is also true that we are, finally, entering into Aquarian energy in January 2022. Aquarius is an Age that is oriented towards (supports) more light. It will have 80% of the power; four times as much as in Pisces. Darkness will go from 80% to 20%. The ELITES do not yet realize this; their entire game plan is doomed to failure.

We were all supposed to give up all of our Freedoms in the name of being safe. It worked well in the past, but now, we can see the corners too well. We are just 30 days away from the big shift in Energy; that is why December will be a No Good, Very Bad month for THEM. THEY have lost their power and do not know it, yet. They will not understand when the trials, jail time and lynchings begin. They have killed so many calously that no torture will be too much for them.

Meanwhile, stay warm. Buy lots of candles. Wrap a blanket around your shoulders and a lighted candle will keep you warm, especially out of the wind. Think of putting up a tent inside to conserve body heat. Buy some sleeping bags/more blankets.

Lastly, Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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