Everything is a Balance!

Hi. Today I will write about how things work in our world.

We create everything around us. What we see and touch and eat/drink, our furniture, our homes, our cars, our computers, our jobs, etc. We also create the people around us. Yes, it is like the Matrix, but we create it for ourSelves. That is a mouthful, but that is the starting point for the rest of the discussion.

Take your vision or eyesight. How does that work?? When we look at something, anything, whether it is our monitor, out the windoes, at ourselvf in the mirror or anything else, we send out our vision of ourself and receive the vision of whatever we are looking at. So…this is a form of two-way communications; we provide our half and the other side (whatever we are looking at) provides its half.

What a second, how does a dinner plate know how to send its half? Easy, it is a form of energy that we have created. We gave it capabilities to communicate with us in this and many other ways. So, it does not have to be alive? Everything that we create has awareness (or life) that it borrows from us. Yes, even rocks, trees, water and sky. Yes, weather too.

Here’s what I am trying to tell you; everything around us a send-receive whether it be vision, sound, touch, balance, speaking/listening. heavy/light, big/small. Wow, that makes everything a lot less complex, but the simplicity hides in our complexities.

For example, say your vision keeps getting worse and worse. What do we do? We got to an Eye Doctor  and get a more powerful set of glasses or contacts.  Sometimes that works for years, but we end up getting another set down the line. Here’s a totally different take on what we can/should do. What if you can find out, via internal questioning (the nods/shakes), whether we are sending at 50% and receiving at 50%. OMG, I am sending at 52% and receiving at 48%. That is what we call far-sightedness. Maybe you are sending at 45%; that is near-sightedness. Obviously, it is a bit more complicated that that as we have other issues with out eyes like glaucoma and catarachts and, even blindness.

Want to be invisible? Stop sending your half. Yes, you can control that with a bit  of effort. Thhis would also apply to the sound of your breathing and your heat signature; they are both signals that you send out. Think about RADAR, it is sent out and only gets a return signal when it bounces back.  We are like that, but more efficient.

Same applies to hearing loss; we tend to think (or have been told) that it is permanent.  If we are sending too powerfully, maybe we are drowning out/blocking the incoming signal.

Using the internal questioning, we can find out whether we are in balance for many things in our lives. If we are out of balance, we can tell/command our bodies to get back into balance. It may take a few hours, days or weeks, but our bodies will return to balance.

THINK ABOUT IT! This applies to vision, hearing, diseases like diabetes or cancer, blood pressure, weight loss (balancing), joint pain, etc       I am not suggesting that this is a way to cure these issues, but it is a tool that you should consider using.

As you get better at this, think of the fun you can have changing the clothing or shoes or hair style/color. Change your eye color or your height/weight. If you control what is being sent, then you can do all of these and more.

This is something that is free and only you know how you are using it or not.

ANYTHING in our lives that is out of balance can be addressed using this tool. If the tool is blocked or limited, then you must use your unblocking/delimiting tool; we have many more tools than we can imagine.

We tend to think our OurSelves as powerless beings. Once you know how something works, it is much easier to use.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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