To Repair or Regrow

We Humans are an odd lot. We notice things and make judgements about them. One of the things we have all noticed is that we grow old from small children. We tend to think of that process as an aotomatic one that must be left alone.

On the other hand, we have become a society or civilization with many complex processes that require maintenance; things break and must be fixed.

What if, our bodies were able to automatically repair itself;? It does, when we have a wound that bleeds, the body absolutely repairs itself. But wait, as we grow older, we get those aches and pains and we start to lose our hearing and vision. We get arthritus and diabetes. We get all sorts of issues that come at us.

Generally, we live with them until they bother us enough to seek help from a doctor or looking/finding/buying something online; the great info resource.

More and more, we are reading that there are (ARE) alternative things that we can do. The doctors do not, necessarily, know what they are talking about. The think they know EVERYTHING, but, frequently, they do not know enough. But hey, they are onlyHuman and learned most of what they know in their early 20s; things change, but many people don’t.

One of the things changing is a realization that we are energy beings and many/most of the things we can do to “fix” ourSelves come from within. I have written about how to talk to yourSelf. To recap, use your Nods and Shakes to get Yes or No answers.

Today, I’m going to surprise you. I am not going to write about blocks or limits and how to get rid of them. That is important, but now, I will talk about MANTENANCE of our bodies. No, not the food we eat; that is very or even, critically important. But no, I want to talk about the concept of Repair Teams.

We all have automatic protocols runnning in our bodies; we breath, our heart pumps, our blood flows the oxygen and food, we eliminate and walk around, we think and we act. Our bodies are marvellous creations made up of billions of cells and bacteria; they are incredibly complex.

Here’s a thought. Is it possible that our bodies break down and someone must send a repair team in to fix it?
Who would be the being to send the team in? That would be you!

Say your vision starts getting blurry. It’s not too bad yet, but you run to the eye doctor. He/She gives you some glasses or stronger ones. Same for hearing loss or joint/other pain. We tend to look outside ourSelves for answers. That’s fine, it’s the way our world has worked for millenia.

When our plumbing breaks, we know we must call in a plumber. Same for the furnace or heat system. Same for the electrician. These are complex issues that most of us know little about. So… we know about getting a repair team on the job, but do not apply this to ourSelves, our bodies.

What if, you used that conversation with yourSelf (above) to ask if you have any issues that can be addressed by sending a repair team out? It may be vision or hearing or joints or, even, diabetes or cancer. What a concept? You may actually have repair resources that you have never used because you did not know.

Wow. But…….. Here’s a caveat; before you send the repair teams out, find out if there is a lower level thing that must be fixed before the upper level thing can be attempted. If you are doing this for the first time, you have a lot of cracks in the dam to fix first. Be at peace with yourSelf, it is going to take some time. You have a significant capacity to repair yourSelf and can send multiple teams out.

You can ask about the progress and, better yet, experience it. Ask if you should change your diet or stop/reduce eating sugar. Drink more water? Walk more? Go to bed early? These are all questions to your body or Guide (Nods and Shakes), not your mind. It does not matter what you think, get the answers from within.

When it comes to the survival of the body, you will get truth.

BTW, they now call Alzheimers Diabetes Type 3 because the brain is insulin resistant. What that means is that it cannot be fed/sustained by glucose (sugar). It must be sustained by ketones (fat). When the brain cannot get enough to eat, it slowly loses function. We eat far too much sugar, bread, pasta, wheat, corn, breakfast cereals. Rice and potatoes are starches, but my Guide tells me they are better than wheat or corn.

I am not saying that you can’t eat wheat or corn, just recommending that you cut back, especially if you are having Senior Moments. Check out Keto; I have been on Keto for more than 3 years. Every week we have a non-Keto day; it works, we get to eat favorites and then get back to ketosis. C-8 coconut oil is pure brain food; I use it in my coffee. It is colorless, odorless and tasteless.

My point here is to get you to use your Repair Teams. Any structure as complex as the Human Body must have a directed maintenacne plan, but it must be directed. As with any organization, maintenance resources are always limited and must be used wisely. Please start using your Maintenance Teams.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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