We Create our 3D World

I believe that we all live in some kind of a flat Earth bubble. I also believe that we have been to the Moon and sent remote-controlled craft like Voyager to gather information about other planets. How can this be?

When coming into our Solar System (our Sun’s name is Solar, but we tend to shorten it to Sol), the planets look spherical or globular as we have been taught. So, from a distance, we see the Moon as a sphere and can easily think about the far side of the Moon even though we cannot see it. For any Space-based race coming here, we look like a spherical, globular, blue Planet like we have all seen images of.

Look up the Van Allen belt; it is the upper limit of our Flat Earth construct. Whoa, how can we be a round, rotating ball and a large flat plain at the same time?

From the outside, we look like that rotating blue ball, but as you get closer, the perspective changes to the flat plain. Think of it as morphing. Here is what is going on. We are a planet with awareness being present; not just Humans, but Dolphins, Whales, Horses, Dogs, Cats, and others. Our entire planet is aware; we call her Gaia.

Once you have awareness, a physical arrangement must be created for all the awareness to play with. There are six main forces that govern our 3D world. They all come together in a corner; there are three 90° angles representing three flat planes. Look at any corner in a room whether it be on the ceiling or floor; the right wall will always be the forces of heat and cold, the left wall will always be the forces of darkness and light, and the horizontal plane (floor or ceiling or anywhere in between) will always be gravity and magnetism. Heat, Darkness, and Gravity always flow away from the corner point and Cold, Light, and Magnetism always flow toward the corner. This is a structure that Gaia has created for us. That corner can be anywhere or in anything. Other planets may have similar (or different) structures depending on the advancement of the aware beings. Many planets that are not inhabited by aware beings do not have such 3D structures; just spinning or not spinning balls like our Moon. Most of the planets in our system do not have awareness structures; an exception is Mars (yes, it is inhabited and no, we are not welcome there). The Martians moved to their lower plane or their “hollow” Mars. They drove the Annunaki away from Mars and toward Earth; they will fight us as the sons of the Annunaki.

All of our satellites and the International Space Station are within the bounds of this 3D construct. When we try to circumnavigate Antarctica, it cannot be done. Why? Because the flat top surface has connecting holes with a flat bottom surface; the two primary entrances to the “hollow” Earth are the North and South Pole, but there are several deep passages in every continent. Why do you think there is so much activity in Antarctica? We are collectively exploring the other flat plane side. Yes, there are people down there. And, yes, dinosaurs as well. The oceans down there are all freshwater. Yes, there is a Sun hanging in the sky down there; that is actually where Gaia lives. There is no Moon or other planets down there.

Anytime we wish to visit another planet, we need to have permission to land; just like landing a plane. All planets have some level of awareness. We could be very welcome or unwelcome. If we land without permission, we could well get sick after a short time. How does one get permission? A Spiritually advanced being must connect with the Planetary Goddess and ask. Yes, any of you who have put yourSelf into the Cube/Hexahedron could do so; you have shifted from Fire to Earth Being.

Think about the Moon. No awareness except visitors. No air. No water. No life as we know it. There is no need for a 3D construct as we have. When we build Moon bases, we must bring everything with us; air, water, food, fuel and recycle/reuse all of it. Same for asteroid bases. Have we done so? Yes, Space Forces have been active on the Moon and in our System since 1960 along with the Pleiadeans for 1000s of years. Whether it was the Annunaki or the Pleiadeans or others, when they landed on Earth, they came down to the Flat Earth construct we all know. Special permissions are required to access the lower plane or inner/hollow Earth.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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