Do the 5th Tibetan Rite Now!

Today is the end of the 3rd Inning or 30 days into Light’s take-over from Darkness.  It is also the last day that Darkness can mess with you if you are a powerful Light Being (at least 70% Light).  It also happens to be a 14 day; so use the creating powre to enhance the power of right-spinning.  Regeneration is one of the gifts from Light as part of this take-over.  Remember, Darkness has been in charge for 10,800 years, so it has been a long-time since anyone could regenerate themselves.

For those of you who do not know what the Tibetan 5 Rites are, they are a group of exercises that the Tibetans have used for thousands of years to keep the body and mind young in function and appearance.  This too, was a gift from Light, but only for a tiny number of people who were lead to the information.  The first four exercises are designed to keep the energy flow to the spine at an optimum, but the most important exercise is the 5th; it is very simple, you spin clockwise, or to the right, in groups of 7 for no more than 21 in the morning and at night.  To do this spinning, plant your feet about 14 inches apart and raise your arms until they are perpendicular to the floor sticking straight out from your sides.  Go slowly, you will get dizzy at first; the object is not to fall down and hurt yourself.

OK, how does this stuff work?  We all know that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  That means that the Earth rotates on its axis in a counter-clockwise manner.  When we are born, we all come here with a very specific number of rotations of the Earth; when that number is reached, it is time to leave, you time is up and you will die.

So you have a set number of days to live on Planet Earth; we all kind of knew this, but what does this spinning have to do with it?  OK.  You set your intention that this right-spinning has a multiplier effect; say 7-to-1.  Using that number, doing 42 right-spins a day, you are rolling back the clock 294 days for each day that you spin 42 times.  Each time that you spin clockwise, you are, energetically, rolling back at least 3 days that you have lived here so far.  In effect, you are giving yourself 3 more days to stay here.  But when you spin for at least a month, or two, you will, actually make yourself younger.

Wait a second, think this through.  I am saying that you will make yourself nearly a year younger in terms of staying here longer and being younger after just one day of spinning.  Yes, using 7 as the multiplier.  In 90-days of right-spinning, you can get younger by more than 70 years.  That is not believable; the most you can get out of one getting-younger cycle is 30 years; so do the math and stop spinning after 21 days (just 3 weeks).

How long do you have to wait until you can get another 30-year bite of the apple?  One year.  You must give your body a chance to regenerate internally as well as externally.  Using this approach, women can regenerate themselves to a body that is functionally and has the appearance of a 22-year old.  Men can get back to 27.  This means we get our sex lives back with all of those raging hormones.  It also means that women can get pregnant again; be careful what you wish for.

In addition to sex, regeneration also means being slimmer and trimmer, like when you were in your 20s.  It also means more vitality for dancing all night.  It also means better vision, hearing, smelling, tasting, lower blood pressure, stronger bones, more hair on your head (in your color) and, even, a new set of teeth.

Why am I writing about how to get younger?  Light is taking over.  People who have lots of Light are going to get automatic extensions on their pre-programmed departures, perhaps to 1,000 years or more.  These people will also be allowed to get younger and have more vitality, but why wait?  You can start right-spinning now and start getting younger sooner.

Is this right-spinning for everyone. Yes, but people with a lot of Light have a higher multiplier and do not have to spin so often.  Everyone has at least a 3-to-1 multiplier; this is worth doing for everyone.  Even at 3-to-1, you only have to spin for 8 weeks.

If you are already old and cannot stand and spin safely, you can do it in a wheelchair by yourself or with someone helping.  After a while, you will be able to stand and spin yourself.

Remember, you will get dizzy at first.  Go Slowly, until you are used to the spinning.  Be Safe.

Have fun with this,



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