What are Shades of Gray/Grey?

We all know about Good and Evil. We understand on and off. We use 0s and 1s (zeros and ones) in software on our computers, tablets, and phones. And yet, we all know that there are shades of grey; not everything is black or white.

When we have a rheostat light switch, it allows us to go between fully on or off; that is a kind of neutral. We all know what neutral is when we drive,  even using automatic shifting, we must go through neutral to transition between moving forward or reverse.

So, yes, we know what neutral is, but binary software code only has Ones or Zeros and electrons only flow from positive to negative. Is there a way to understand neutrality in those instances?

Yes. I’m going to hit you with a new idea. Just as there are two primary poles; North (0/360° or positive) and South (180° or negative), there are two neutrals; 90° and 270°. East/90° is a neutral leaning Negative (toward 180°) and West is a neutral leaning Positive (toward 360°). So, there are two primary Shades of Grey; not just one.

When we talk about electrons spinning counterclockwise or clockwise, we are actually describing what electrons do at 90° and 270°. At the North pole or 360° or Positive, they spin upwards and downwards at Negative or 180°. Wow, our binary world of hot and cold, male and female, on and off, salt and pepper, black and white, and positive and negative has just gotten more complex. We have all known about shades of grey, but we did not know two neutrals were part of that concept. This is just a new tool to help us describe our world.

Now, we can expand our binary 1s and 0s code to four different options; 1s, 0s, ^s, and *s. Each of these states has its own properties and our future apps should be able to represent them all. I just kicked off a new revolution in computing and in physics.

This is important Spiritually; it is how the Universe works. Think about it, you can put yourSelf in a positive or negative state at will; you can do positive affirmations or slip back into that negative self-talk. Now, you have two more options; you can hang out around Neutral leaning negative or positive. It may be easier for many of us to hang out at neutral. You have free will, just tell yourSelf you want to go to 270 and get used to moving beyond. It is always Your CHOICE.

Play with this. I think you will like the results.

Thoughtfully Yours,

Love, Light and Laughter,


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