Earth is the New “Center” of our Multi-verse

Many of you have come across a book called “Urantia” which details the bureaucracy of Heaven.  For me, I could not read it as it was so depressing; I have always viewed bureaucracies as Dark and Controlling and Unresponsive. It does, however, tell us that there is a central Sun organization at higher Spiritual levels and we get an understanding from where our own bureaucracies come from; as above, so below.

Well Folks, I wrote about big changes. Here is a douse (doz-se) or huge one; the Earth has been designated by the SUPREME BEING as the center of the Multi–verse and all of the old organizations, institutions and structures ,described in Urantia,  have been dissolved or are being re-evaluated.

Why is this happening?

Earth is a small planet in the 9th Universe; we are four Universes distant from the Central Sun organizations described in Urantia. We are, quite literally, on the edge of the Milky Way Spiral and could not be considered to be the center of anything, normally.  To get here, even for Angels, it was “the slow boat to China.”

When our Spiral was created, it was one of millions of Spirals sort of like red blood cells in our bodies. Within each Spiral, there is a creator who slowly wakes up and becomes aware of Herself. After a while this awareness looks for “more” and separates into Light (Female) and Darkness (Male), but the intention is to bring these two parts together into one as part of a long, growing process.

Male and Female make Baby; that is the Holy Trinity. It is also why the number three is so important; It is height, depth and width or staying on your path, moving right towards the Light or moving left towards Darkness.

I wrote of the Lucifer and Michael Experiments in my last two posts. The “coming together” process was taking too long; progress was not being made fast enough. It is difficult to imagine that Spirit would keep one-third at 50 percent each and that the big experiments would be 80-20 Light or Darkness; this seems so simple, but simple is the essence of Spirit. Re-read the Home page of this site 80-20 is the core ratio for Spirits-in-a-body.

Earth was on the edge of the two experiments and got a huge amount of Light, followed by a huge amount of Darkness; Earth was the only planet getting this shifting amounts of Light and Darkness and things started “popping” here like popcorn in a microwave. This “popping” got the attention of everyOne and Earth became a fixation in the Heavenly Bureaucracy. What happened next was that all of the advanced souls in our Multi-verse demanded to come to Earth to take part in this rapidly changing environment; this was the advanced souls or Ascended Masters from both sides – Light and Dark. Advanced souls started arriving on Earth in the 1920s and large numbers keep coming even now; everyOne who has had any success in the “coming together” is here now and will be staying after the Great Departure.

Essentially, when all of these advanced souls started coming here, Earth became the center of the Multi-verse and the events happening here are multiple shifts in the paradigm of SPIRIT. One of those is the edict that everything and everywhere will be 67% Aqua (Light) and 33% Turquoise (Dark); that is based entirely on what has happened here on Earth. So… Earth has become the new center of Gravity in our Spiral and everyOne is waiting for the new paradigm shifts that are sure to come.

There is HUGE Interest in what we are doing and how we are doing it.  All of us are being watched and weighed by armies of Angels; are we helping the process or hindering it? Moving towards the Light is now much more easy; it is a short step from Turquoise to Aqua. Those of you who are still oriented towards Darkness, make the shift now while you still can.


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