Younger, Regenerating Cells

Many of us are getting very significant DNA changes now. Perhaps as many as 500 million of us are getting changes that allow the cells to regenerate without getting old and worn out.  This means that our bodies will stop getting old. This also means that we can appear to be much younger than our calendar age. This may not be important to those of you in your twenties, but some of us are in our 80s  now and are looking forward to “checking out.” Imagine having the experiences of an 80-90 years old and regenerating to look and function like you are in your 20s again.

Unfortunately, this DNA change is only happening to a small subset of the entire population of the planet. All of the people not getting this DNA change will be leaving and going elsewhere for their next lives; I have made reference to this as the Great Departure. Yes, we are talking about 6,500,000 people leaving (dying), but it will be over a nine (9) year cycle that will allow the survivors to keep our current civilization going in several parts of the world.  These include the United States/Canada, Europe and Australia; pretty much, all survivors will  have to move to one of these locations unless they want to live in primitive conditions.

What is the criteria to be getting these DNA changes? I have written about the shift from Darkness to Light or Turquoise to Aqua several times on this site. Other than the large number of children who are being born as Aqua-oriented people now, the vast majority of us chose to be oriented towards the predominant power in our world; up until December 22, 2012, that was Darkness or Fear (80% of the power).

Now, Darkness is Turquoise and Light is Aqua. Instead of having to go through all of those shades of grey, now people oriented towards Fear can chose to make that short step across to Aqua or Freedom. Hurry up, you don’t have that much time left. If you can get to 50% Aqua and 50% Turquoise, you can stay with an expectation of a long life to allow more movement towards Aqua.

This is the first significant change of many coming; the survivors are entering a new, Golden Age where everything is changing for the better. Those departing are returning to Spirit to rest, recuperate and plan their next lives on one of the millions of planets available elsewhere in the Multi-verse.

Ok. How does one move from Turquoise to Aqua? Like many things Spiritual, it is fairly simple; just ask to be given more Light or more Aqua, but you must ask from your heart, not your head.  This is not a logical request or an emotional one; it is a core change from within you inner heart.

For those of you who are having trouble finding your inner heart, here is a guided imagery tool to help you find it. Imagine that you are holding a six-inch wide Martini glass without a stem (instead of the stem, it has a sharp point); this Martini glass top is a spinning Tetrahedron. Visualize this Martini glass and stick it into your heart.

This is IMPORTANT. If your Martini glass is spinning counter-clockwise, or to the Left, when you look down on it from the top, then you are oriented towards Turquoise (Darkness/Fear). If you want to change your orientation to that of Aqua, you must visualize your Martini glass slowing down, stopping, and spinning in the other direction which is clockwise or to the Right.  Some people can make the changes needed at this point; others have to get into their Inner Hearts to make the change.

Ok. Here’s the rest. Visualize yourself spiraling down from the rim of the spinning Martini glass. You are spiraling down in the direction of the spin (to the Right or Left); you are using the spin direction to power you down. When you reach the bottom point, step through it and you will see a door or doorway in front of you.  If the door is close, just say “Open” and if it is open, just walk through it.  Now, you are in your “Inner Heart” and it is a wonderful place to explore for all of us; even if you get here spiraling down to the Left.

Now, once you are in your “Inner Heart,” ask to be taken to your “Screening Room;” it is like a movie theater just for you with a large “letter box” screen.  On this screen is at least one spinning Tetrahedron or Martini glass top; this is where you slow it down, stop it and start it/them spinning in the other direction.

Have fun with this; it is not hard to do. It does require focus and willpower.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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