Ebola’s not the Killer, a 1918-type Flu will be

First off, there is a plan underway to kill off much of our World’s population. Ebola has been used to scare us all into getting the vaccinations when they are available. Don’t do it as the vaccines will be used to kill many of us.

DARPA has developed a plasma mining tools that creates miles-long tunnels and the elites have been digging their hidey holes and stocking them with food, water and everything else they need. Ebola is a manufactured crises and “They” want us to rush to get vaccinations.

Wheat the elites are not planning on is the arrival of a Killer Flu that is going to carry them away with many of the over-population that they are planning to kill off.

I have been writing about a shift from Darkness to Light and the arrival of the new, Light templates.  These Light templates will be fully powered up on December 22nd, this year. On November 22nd, they will be at two-thirds power and they are, roughly, at half power now.

These templates are the underlying energetic foundation for our world and everything in it. That includes everyone in it as well. Most of the people in our world, roughly 90 percent came here configured to work with the dominant Dark power that has been in charge for the last 6,480 years. What these people did not count on was the shift from Dark, Piscean power to Light, Aquarian powre over the past two years; that shift started on December 22nd, 2012 and will be complete on December 21st, 2014. The mid-term elections in the US are a fore-taste of what is to come when Light takes over from Darkness; yes Left is Dark and Right is Light in politics as well as everything else.

Whether we like it or not, the energetic support for about 77% of the people and many of the organizations on Earth is going away. That means that billions of us will be leaving, returning to Spirit, dying. Fear not, there will still be hundreds of millions of us here who are oriented towards the Light or have at least 41 percent Light.  All of the people who have 60 percent or more Darkness in their individual makeup, will be leaving; bye-bye.

Guess what? That includes all of the Elites and all of their children and grand-children and cousins; the Elites are among the most Dark and will be among the first to leave. It is those Light oriented people “left behind” that will inherit Heaven on Earth.

Light, love and laughter,


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