Timing is Everything!

I have been writing about the Templates; this is the energy behind everything. Anything solid is just slowed down energy. There are templates for everything in our lives; beds, tables, cars, planes, computers, smart phones/tablets, businesses and organizations.

Yes, there is an individual template for the United Nations and the European Union; they are almost the same template stemming from a large, Dark, Multi-national organization template. The point is that both of these organizations are based on old, Dark templates left over from Pisces energies.

To recap, in July, August and September, new, Light, Aquarian templates were installed. Yes, it took until the end of September; nine is the number of completion. Notice, I said templates; that means all of the templates for our world to include both books and ebooks, stainless steel knives and forks as well as plastic and all kinds of networks to include WiFi, Social and the Cloud. The point is that all of our templates are now based on freedom, choice, truth and change-for-the-better. Now, all of those disruptive technologies that were resisted by the old energies, can be brought into the world (see my Revitae Technologies site).

Ok. So when do these new templates clearly take over. Everything takes more time than we Spirits-in-a-body want. The new, Aquarian templates are being powered (powred) up over the next three months; October, Novermber and December and will be fully powred up on December 22nd, 2014.

The financial world is very concerned about a new recession in Europe and a potential collapse of China. Guess what? It is going to happen as part of the powring up of the new templates.

Ok. This is a site dedicated to transforming yourselves into Newmen and Newomen. In October, the Newmen/women template has been being installed; the Fire-being template will be completely installed by October 31st. Happy Halloween!

What does that mean? It means that all those who have transformed themselves into Adepts, Masters and Mahatmas will have Aquarian, Light powres to draw on starting in November.  What powres? Increased abilities in telepathy, speaking mentally with animals, better manifesting, especially moving digits around; think bank accounts and other baby powres. Teleporting objects will come in December and Jumping in January. There will be a slow, but steady, increase in our powres and capabilities over the next 90-days.

Those people who have transformed themselves into Earth-beings will begin to get those baby powres in November; think Thanksgiving. By Christmas, all of we Newmen and Newomen will have given ourselves a wonderful set of Gifts with more coming in 2015.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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