The Photon Belt and the Aquarian Age

Way back in the late 1950s, our astronomers were able to see something that they called the Photon Belt and we were moving towards it. They saw that the Photon Belt was an area of intense light and that it had lots of comet and asteroid activity.  The Photon Belt is a toroid, like a dough-nut, and has its own gravity and system of comets and asteroids; it is also the Aquarian Light energy were have just moved into.

We, our Solar System, will be in this Photon Belt for the next 2,158 years/orbits and we will encounter meteor showers where millions of iron meteorites that weigh up to 5 pounds/2.2 kilograms will hit the Earth. This is why the ancients went to great effort to build underground cities; it was a matter of survival.

Read Immanuel Velikovsky’s books Worlds in Collision and Ages in Chaos for an account of what happened when we were in Leo at the other side of the torroid.  It rained both meteorites and petroleum; the Bible says it rained fire.

It is going to happen again and that is why the elites are building underground shelter complexes with many miles of tunnels. They know that in a few short years, people will not be able to survive on the surface; with the meteorites falling, our rooves will collapse and fishing and farming will be difficult. Unfortunately, our satellites will be destroyed unless they are “hardened”. There may be no warning of when and where the falls will come.

There is another solution. Many of us can migrate to the Inner or Hollow Earth. Google it and educate yourselves about it.  There are two polar entrances to the Inner Earth and its seas are fresh water seas. What about sunlight? The Inner Earth has an Inner Sun; that is where our Planet Goddess, Gaia, lives.

I know, our Earth is supposed to be solid with in inner core of nickel and iron and the Journey to the Center of the Earth is just fiction just like the Nautilus and the trip to the Moon. These are all fanciful notions from Jules Vern and H. G. Wells, the first science fiction writers.

Believe it or not, there are passages down into the Hollow Earth and there has been interaction with the Hollow Earth peoples for thousands of years; it has been very limited to select groups of advanced surface dwellers. There is a passage in Europe and one more in North America.

Again, I must return to my main flow of information; the Photon Belt is intense Light energy and the Light templates are taking over from the Dark templates. It really does not matter what the elites do to survive as they will be leaving despite their best efforts. They are building survival shelters that can be used if needed, but the best approach may be to have the surviving Light oriented people migrate into the Hollow Earth until the danger is passed.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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