Purple Energy has Taken Over

Red used to be the Power Color; we all have red ties and red dresses hanging in our closets.

That has changed big time!  Purple is now the new Powre Color.  Turn on your TV and you will notice that all of the “anchors” and weather people are now wearing purple.  Nothing was said, everyone just knows that purple is the most powerful color to wear.  Light beings, its time to start wearing Purple; many of you already are.

Purple is made equally from Blue and Red; so Red, the old power color is still present, but now mixed with Blue to make Purple.  Red is still powerful; as is Blue, but not nearly as powerful as Purple.

Purple will be the powre color for the next 12, 960 years or until we enter the “photon belt” again or when we enter the Zodiac or Constellation of Leo.

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