It appears that THEY are stomping on Us; don’t worry or be fearful.

Government leaders everywhere are pulling all the stops out. They are imposing mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports. They are busy taking all the rights away from those who will not follow their Covid Vax Tyranny.

The excuse this time is the 4th wave, called Omicron. Guess what? 79% of the people who have gotten it are fully vaxxed and 32% have also gotten their “boosters.”  This is coming from the US CDC.  So…. Getting vaxxed to protect yourSelf is Bull Shit’ it is all about CONTROL

What’s next? There will not be enough fuel for cars or heating. There will not be enough electricity for everything else, including heating. Food will begin to be in short supply.

This is all part of THEIR Reset; THEY are going to seize control. The ELITE will be in charge; we will all live like they do in China.’

That is according to their plan.

What else? They are going to make us into Serfs again. How? Take our cars away; they are already talking about eliminating millions of cars to “SAVE” the environment. It is all about CONTROL.

Remember, the Darkside of the Force is all about Fear, Force, and Control.

THEY are going forward on their plans at full speed; this is THEIR opportunity and THEY do not care if we see who they are. Every day, it becomes easier and easier to see who wants to enslave us and how.

We are in the last days of the transition from Darkness to Light. It has taken 9 years (since December 22, 2012). On December 22, this year, all of the residual power that was stored up over the past several 1000s  years will be zeroed, deleted, or wiped out.

What does that mean? The Darkside will be reduced to just 20% of the power in our world. More importantly, the opposition to the Darkside will be empowered to 80%; yes, that actually happens next week. That will mean that the Universe no longer supports THEIR plan(s).

We are already seeing massive opposition to THEIR plan(s). In the US, the mandatory jabs have been stopped cold by judges of the Light and like-minded Governors (Florida, Texas, and others). How are THEY going to seize control without the US?

One other way they may try is WAR. This has already been busted; the US Military is still “jointly” controlled by Patriots.  The Israeli and US have been working together against the Russian air defenses in Syria. The Israelis demonstrated that they could defeat the Russian S-399 and S-400 surface-to-air missile systems. What did the Russians do? They shut off their air defenses; did not want to lose face before the world.  That forced the Iranians to come in with their own air defenses.

What else? Earlier this week, a US Air Force F-35 flew into Russian Air Space undetected. It was carrying missiles and bombs and could have taken out its air defense systems (S-300 &S-400).  When it was exiting, it turned on its identification and the Russians knew they had been had. Holy Shit!!!

The Russians will not fight without an Anti-Access/Area Denial system; their S-300, S-400, and, now, S-500 systems. Big problem; can the F-35 defeat their S-500 as well? The other problem, they do not have enough of the new S-500s. Can they invade Ukraine if their air defense systems can be defeated? If the A-10s (Warthogs or Hawgs) can fly overhead, their tanks, artillery, and supplies will be toast. Putin can go ahead, but it will be a disaster; he is too smart for that. The Russian air defenses were defeated in Armenia by Turkish drones, but they were not the top-of-the-line S-400s.

What would happen to Crimea? How about Kaliningrad? And the Donbas?

What about the Chinese? They are already saying that the Russian S-300 and S-400 are worthless; the Israelis bomb Syria at will. So…, the Chinese have copied the Russian air defense systems; can they stop United States F-22 and F-35s from destroying their air defense systems and ships? Once the air defense is gone, all the islands and missiles and ships, and tanks will be gone as well. Can they invade Taiwan? No, not successfully. Besides, China is crashing economically, electrically, and politically before our very eyes.

The only thing that would drive the Chinese CCP to try would be to seize the Taiwan chip industry, but the PLA knows it would fail.

The forces of the Darkside are all working together. Russia, China, and the Deep State (US, UK, and EU) have all worked together throughout the Plandemic; THEY have used Covid and the vaccines to get us used to being controlled or enslaved. THEY are responsible for the death of millions and do not care at all. There will be Nurenburg Trials 2.0 and many of them will or should Hang!

Love, Light and Laughter,



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