Women have taken over – what does mean?

First some housekeeping.  Everyone on Planet Earth (and all the other planets) are getting new energy. Our old energy, which was 80% Dark/20% Light is being replaced with 80% Light/20% Dark. This started on January 1st.

What does that mean? Everyone is being changed into something that is more focused on Freedom, Truth, and Choices. All the newborns will be coming in that way. OK. What about the adults here now? Most of them (85%) are fairly or very strongly oriented towards Darkness. These people will not be allowed to stay; Light is taking over and will not tolerate most of the people being strongly oriented towards Darkness. People believe that we change our cells out completely every seven years. So, if the 85% were allowed to stay, they would become strong in the Light; but they are not being allowed to stay. So, the 15% that are staying include the 5% strong Light beings (also called Right-Spinner when they become NewBeings). and the ones in the middle (59% Dark to 59% Light).

So, many of you have wondered how Spirit could allow a worldwide Pandemic with mass killing by Vax Jabs/Boosters. If we have 7 billion people on Earth, that is 7,000 million. 85% of 7000 is 5,950 or nearly 6 billion people leaving. We actually have a ways to go.

I am not trying to be ghoulish here; these are just numbers that we may be looking at. If so, that is 1,050 people left.

The survivors will be mostly women; they are taking over with a bang. Men will be about 20% of the group in the middle and 5% of the strong in the Light group. Wow, being a man is going to be very different. Throw out all of those notions of marriage and child-rearing. The other big factor will be a sudden decrease in fertility and giving birth. Not sure why, but having a baby will be a rare occurrence, and raising the children will become a joyful event for many women.

Here’s a potential why; all of the survivors will be getting new DNA (it is coming with the new energy). This new firmware will grant extended lifetimes to all the survivors. The ones in the middle will live in young, healthy bodies for about 300 years. Why? To give them enough time to advance as a NewBeing. The strong Light beings that advance into the Cube/Hexahedron will live in young, healthy bodies for many of our current lifetimes. If we are a race of long-livers, we will not need a lot of replacement children.

Many huge changes coming. Guys/Men there is some interesting Majik for us; look up what being an Alpha or Beta Male is. Most men on the Planet are Beta Males who have been raised to trust and try to please women. This makes a lot of sense with women taking over our world. Today, strong women come home and throttle back for their Beta Males. Soon, they will not be doing that. Being a Beta Male will be a difficult ordeal.

Combine that with the coming scarcity of men in general. Those of us who survive will want to be Alpha Males.  Go internal and talk to your Spirit Guides; ask if you can change your programming to become an Alpha Male vice Beta Male. I was able to and that is going to turn my life upside down. Give it a try, now or later. Not sure, but Alpha Males may be better survivors for many reasons.

Just wanted to clear up some potential confusion from previous posts. Yes, the 85% are leaving and yes, we are all getting new energy that is much more Light.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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