Experiencing Pleasure and Pain

One of the things that We come here for is to experience pleasure and pain.

What is pleasure and what is pain? Well…We all know about our nervous system and emotions, but those are not very good answers to the question.

There is a form of energy that gives us both pleasure and pain; pleasure is cooler and pain is hotter.

There are very small, aware, energetic beings that are called Elementals; they are responsible for flowing the feelings of pleasure and pain.

Let’s talk about Pain first. We all tend to focus on pain and the avoidance of pain more than pleasure. Pleasure  just comes from time-to-time and we are grateful, sometimes very grateful.

So…There are Elementals who specialize in bringing pain and they concentrate to bring greater pain. Say you cut yourself with a knife, there is immediate pain, but there is also inflammation which can turn into infection which is more painful.  Pain, inflammation and infection are caused by Fire Elementals and our flesh actually gets redder or what we call inflamed.

Ok…The Medical community has discovered that Inflammation is a root cause of many of our diseases and is, a precursor to pain. But they have been concerned about stress for a long time as well.  Yes, stress is a precursor to inflammation and stress is brought to us by Fire Elementals.

So…What brings on the Stress? Why do the Fire Elementals bring this kind of energy and do we have any kind of control over it? Yes, stress is brought about by frustration; find a way to stop being frustrated and your stress levels will go down.

To recap, frustration brings stress which brings inflammation which brings pain and they are all descriptions of energy flows brought to us by Fire Elementals.

OK. What about Pain Relievers or Pain Blockers? These are chemical inhibitors to the Fire Elementals; yes, they do work to block or slow down the Fire Elementals for limited periods of time, but the pain keeps coming back. Fire Elementals are aware beings and will find a way to do their job however we try to block them.

All right, we know we should control our stress and find a way to reduce our inflammation and, hopefully, that will make us less susceptible to disease and pain.

Just as frustration and stress are precursors to inflammation, calmness is a precursor to wellness which is a precursor to pleasure. Ice Elementals bring us Pleasure, Wellness and Calmness; all of these are equal and opposite energies to stress, inflammation and pain.

What I am saying here is that cultivating or choosing to flow calmness energy directly counteracts the Fire energy of stress. Calmness is an Ice Elemental energy. When you can calm yourself down, you lower your adrenaline and boost your endorphins; adrenaline is an aspect of Fire Elementals and endorphins are an aspect of Ice Elementals.

There are always equal and opposite energies in our physical world; there is left-spin and right-spin, male and female, up and down, thin and thick, Darkness and Light, etc. And yes, there are Fire and Ice Elementals; they are very real.

OK. Let’s talk a bit more about Pleasure.  We get Pleasure from music, visuals, touch, food, drink, doing something well and, of course, sex. Yes, Ice Elementals are Right-Spin beings and are more creative than Left-Spin Fire Elementals. Various kinds of Pleasure are much more complex than various kinds of Pain.

There are chemical blocks to Fire Elementals because we have created them to avoid pain. Think about it, we spend a huge amount of effort developing substances to avoid or limit pain. Alcohol is a substance that we use to block pain, but it is also a substance that gives us pleasure when used correctly. What about chemicals that give us Pleasure? We create them as well. It is not just Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin that come from natural plants, but what about all of the laboratory made drugs. Many of these things that we take for Pleasure turn out to bring Pain when we become addicted to them.  There is always a war going on between the Fire and Ice Elementals just as there is always a war going between Darkness and Light; equal and opposite.

The odd thing about both Pleasure and Pain is that we are not allowed to remember how they feel when we are experiencing them. Why is that? Because they can only be experienced or felt by a concentration of either Ice Elementals or Fire Elementals and when the Elementals disperse, the feeling goes away.

So…Some of us have learned that we can cultivate calmness, wellness and pleasure by meditating and choosing to embrace positivity. What is positivity? You guessed it, Right-Spin energy; we choose to allow the Ice Elementals to have dominion in our bodies. We tell ourselves that we want calmness, wellness and pleasure to be maximized (and, at the same time, stress, inflammation and pain to be minimized).

Work with your Spirit Guides to communicate with the Leaders of your Elementals (within your own body).  Elementals are aware beings and do their jobs within a hierarchy; they understand commands to minimize stress, inflammation and pain and to maximize calmness, wellness and pleasure.

You cannot do this yourself. You cannot just say to yourself, “Do This”; it does not work that way. You must get your Spirit Guide to agree with your objectives and that requires a conversation or dialogue between the two of You. It is your Spirit Guide who can communicate with your Elemental Leaders, they cannot communicate with you except through pleasure or pain.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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