What are Elementals?

We are all made from Energy; as physical beings, we are all just slowed down energy.

I have written about the mechanism for pleasure and pain; they are both provided for us by Ice and Fire Elementals. This neatly encompasses pleasure, wellness and calmness on the pleasure or Ice side and pain, inflammation and stress on the pain or Fire side.

So… what about other kinds of Elementals? Do they exist and what do they do? Yes, think about your health; when you get a dis-ease, it gets worse over time or when you begin to heal, it takes a while to get better. There are structural Elementals at work; one tears down things and the other builds them up. Yes, one is Right-Spin, the Builder and one is Left-Spin, the Destroyer.

So…Again, we are all Energetic Beings and everything around us is also made from slowed down energy; yes, even the rocks, water and air. What is the Spiritual mechanism to do all of this for us to have a playground? It is the structural Elementals; they provide for everything that is solid, liquid or gaseous. Like Fire and Ice Elementals, they are equal and opposite and bring different properties into everything in our world.  How does water go from ice, to water to steam? Obviously, ice has a lot more Ice Elementals creating it and steam has a lot more Fire Elementals creating it and the water is kind of in the middle depending on whether it is ice cold or boiling or “room” temperature.

Wait a second, you are saying that there are just two kinds of Elementals, but they do different things at different times. Yes, the Elemental do provide for our pleasure and pain, but their primary jobs are to create all of the solid, liquid and gas states that we need to function in our world. Only the most accomplished Elementals, the best-of-the-best, are allowed to come into our bodies to give us pleasure and pain.

Wow, you mean that gasoline is just a bunch of Elementals that mix with air Elementals to fuel our cars, trucks, buildings, planes and ships? Yes, it really is that simple when viewed closely, but more complex to us because we hide simplicity.

To use this analogy a bit further, the gasoline is created by pressure and heat; that is Fire Elementals who are Destructive? Yes, the oil from the ground is changed or created into gasoline which is an Ice Elemental state.  So… What happens when the gasoline is mixed with air and ignited in the chamber? Both the air and gasoline are Ice Elemental states and when they are ignited, an explosion is created; this is a Fire Elemental state. If it was an Implosion, that would be an Ice Elemental state, but that is a technology we are just beginning to understand.

OK. Let’s go in a different direction with this. What about burning sage? Many of us know that we can “clear” negative energies by smudging sage. How does this work?

Negative energies are formed by concentrations of Fire Elementals building negative structures that are not yet seen, but may be felt. By burning or smudging sage, Ice Elementals are attracted to drive out the Fire Elementals and their structures. This is also true with a wound that is infected, you get a shot of antibiotics and the infection/inflammation goes down and, hopefully, the would heals normally.

So…What about Majik or Magic or Spells? These are all energetic forces, do Ice and Fire Elementals provide these for us as well?

Yes, there is the Seen and the Unseen; both are created by Elementals that are equal and opposite, just like Left-Spin and Right-Spin energies.  You can call these equal and opposite forces Fire and Ice or Good and Evil or Darkness and Light or On and Off or Up and Down, etc., but they are basic energetic beings who provide many things for us.

Here is the deal; these Elementals are aware energetic beings and we can communicate with them in a limited fashion. We can only communicate with their leaders and only through our conversations with our Spirit Guides or Inner Beings.

Say we have a situation that we are not happy with; how do we communicate with the Elementals providing this service to us? How do we let the Elementals know that we want it to stop? Or, if it is a pleasant experience, to tell Them that we want it to continue?

The mechanism to do this is called asking for a Most Benevolent Outcome or an MBO. Whatever the situation, we can ask out Spirit Guides for an MBO and that request will be forwarded to the Elementals actually doing the work.

Now, whatever is happening could be a SetUp for you by your Spirit Guide as something that you are supposed to be experiencing, but you can always ask for a better option. But……You can only find out about something coming at you if you have the conversation already in place.

Having said that, for any situation, you can always ask for an MBO, whether you are speaking with your Spirit Guide or not. Who knows, when the MBO is granted, you may want to start a more robust dialogue with your Self.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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