Get to Know Your Inner Heart

In my Transform Yourself page, I give instructions for finding your “Inner” or “Secret” Heart; you spiral down to the right (clockwise) from a right-spinning Tetrahedron on its point (Martini Glass Top).

A few posts ago, I told you that this was the location of your Powre Lens; it is much more. I highly encourage you to go there and explore this place; it is all about YOU. This is where you will find out about your past lives. This is where you have “parked” your Powres, waiting for the lifetime you would need them again. These Powres are already “tuned” to you eliminating a “learning curve.”

OK. You know about the “screening” room where you can “transform” yourself visually. There are many rooms, some of which you will find and some not, it all depends on how much you have re-membered or re-connected.

One room that you should visit is Your Control Room; this is where you can most easily make reprogramming changes. This is the place to make changes to your DNA!  This is the place to make physical changes, like a new set of teeth, restored vision or hearing, regrowing an organ or a limb (arms, legs, knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, hands, feet, etc.) Need a new kidney, lungs or heart? This is the place.

Cool. What else? I have advocated the notion that you are like a computer with hardware, firmware and software; we are not modelled after the computers – They are modelled after us. Ever have a computer where the memory starts degrading or the hard drive or the “Mother” board? In Humans, we call this “getting old.”

As I have alluded to, you can “upgrade” your hardware from the Control Room; you can give yourself “replacements,” but, you can also give yourself “upgrades,” whatever that means. For example, you may be able to give yourself enhanced vision or hearing, great strength, the ability to fly or jump, etc. Whatever you do, you must “upgrade” the firmware and software as well. Don’t forget to upgrade your “mother” board, processor and physical memory (both the dynamic and non-dynamic/RAM and chip-based).

What is “firmware” in a body? Nervous and Lymph system upgrades; yes, these must be done as well. Basic Input Output System (BIOS) upgrades are needed as well. OK. Do I have to know anything about any of this? No. Just intend that your “firmware” be upgraded as part of your Physical upgrades.

Then, there is “software,” the reprogrammable stuff. You will need a new Operating System and you will have choices like iOS, Linux or Windows; they all do the same thing, but differently. Ask for a recommendation; Spirit will know the best operating system for you, particularly if you have transformed yourself into a Newman/Newoman. Don’t forget, there are many, many applications or apps that you can install as well. This is why it is important to explore your Inner Heart.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just get to your Control Room and ask for all of the upgrades that you need and you will receive them. One thing you must re-member; now, that you know where to go, you can keep coming back for more changes in the future. Just ask your Spirit Guide/Self if you are ready for more changes.

Please do not stress over this; have fun with it.  At long last, you have the very specific information you need to make changes that you want to make to your body, your emotional self and your financial self.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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