Light Being, You are now, A Judge

Guess what? You know you are a Light Being/Worker. You know that you have been a Light House, shinning your Light. You know that you have been attacked, numerous times, by the Forces of Darkness. You have been put through the “wringer,” but it has made you much stronger.

That has not been by accident; there are no accidents! You have been made stronger for this moment in the history of our Planet. Why? The Ancien Regime or the Old Guard is passing; THEY do not know it yet. They think everything is going to continue the way it has always been; people do not change, fear is the key and they, will still be empowered. They are all Dark; every last one.

The world around us is all based on the Rule by Darkness; everything is based on Fear, Force and Control. That world has already begun to crumble. Where? The Middle East/ISIS, Ukraine, the Republican take-over of Congress, among others. It is becoming more obvious that the Forces of Darkness are in a battle for control against the Forces of Light; Islam is on the march against the West. It is not just the Islamic Extremists or Jihadists, but all of Islam. Think about it, who have we, the West, been fighting since the early 90s? Iraq, Afghanistan and, now, Iraq/Syria; Sunni and Shia Muslims have been killing us in whatever way possible for decades. They think of us as Crusaders or, more simply, the Enemy. They will try to impose their Caliphate and Sharia Law on us, everywhere.

Can they win? No, timing is against them; Light has taken over. Not only do we not have to be concerned about the Muslim Terrorists, but we do not have  to be concerned about the Dark Forces in our own countries; you know, corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, judges and law enforcers. The “system” in the West has been taken over by Darkness; there is not much difference between the Ruling Parties; they are all bad, out-of-control, full-of-Darkness.

So… Is the “System” being torn down? Yes, you must break eggs to make an omelet. But, it is better to think of it as a replacement. All of the Dark Being who have the power now will be relieved of that power; most of them will just die. That includes all of the power elites to include businessmen, bankers, Wall Streeters and our Governments. Yes, this will affect the Executive, legislative and Judicial branches of Government at the Federal, State and Local levels.

OMG, this is a decapitation event! Yes, the Darkest of the Dark will leave first and continue down to those people who only have 59% Dark (41% Light). Why stop there? These people can move towards the Light, if they want.

Wait a second, if all of the “Leaders” are gone, who is going to step into their shoes? You, Light Being, you. With Light comes much more freedom, but with more freedom, there is also a much larger requirement for self-responsibility. The vast majority of people oriented towards Darkness will be leaving; we will not have to deal with their fear-based insanity. We will not need so many politicians, bureaucrats or policemen; these professions will quickly disappear. We will still need leaders and judges and these will all be people strong in the Light.

You may not think this is important, but Light Beings are all allowing themselves to be “guided” by their Spirit Guides/Selves. Most of them have been trying to do the “Right thing” for decades, but have run into Dark opposition. That opposition is, effectively, gone.

So… Light Being, be confident, be strong and step forward when you are called upon. The place has been made for YOU.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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