When does Spirit’s Day Begin?

Readers of this site know about the importance of the number 14; it is the Creation Number. Guess what, Spirit starts it’s day at 1400 hours wherever you are. For people who don’t use 24-hour clocks, that is 2 o’clock PM. Spirit actually creates a new day for us all at 1400 each day; what a concept?

Why is this important? Most of the time, its not; wait another ten hours and the day flips over at midnight. But…..December 22nd actually starts at 1400 on December 21st.

OK. Got it. The take-over of Light actually starts on the Winter Solstice, from a conventional perspective.

You were probably expecting a discussion like how many angles are dancing on the head of a pin? Nope, very specific and easy to understand. Re-member, we are all made in Her Image; we are all creators. We can all begin using our Creation Days at 1400 the day before most of us think.

Because we are all creators, the new day begins wherever we are.  No, it does not begin at 1400 GMT/Zulu Time, except for people in that time zone.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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