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I have written about how to get to the “Still” place that people who meditate seek to find; it is the corner point. Take your awareness and push through the point to get to that Still place.

Now, what do you do once you are THERE? I used to call it my “Monkey” Mind and it follows through with you with many thoughts and emotions; it wants to know what you are doing and is desperate to try to stay in charge. For me, I push through to a warm, mountainous valley with a stream flowing through. It has a very deep pool of water nearby.  I create a pile of stones; some are small and others quite large.  I start attaching a thought or emotion to a stone and toss it into the pool of water; it sinks and ceases to be of any concern or issue. Every time I go to this place, I make sure to throw enough stones that all of my thoughts and emotions are “stilled.”

This is absolutely required. Now, you are in the Still Place. Who are you with? Some will call it Universe, some will call it God, some will call it Not Mind, but I will call it, “In my Right Mind” or “Right Mind.”

I highly recommend reading a book called, “Manifesting As You Read,” by Richard Dott. It is full of very useful steps to take to improve your manifesting. For example, asking yourSelf if “Am I aware?” or say to yourSelf, “I exist,” and then waiting for the void to be there like your favorite pet lying next to you or under your chair. You know it is there.

So, now you are there with yourSelf. Just let an intention surface (with no baggage) and release like releasing a butterfly from your fingers; you can even watch it fly off. That’s it, you have just told your Right Mind to make or do something for you.

The above can be used by anyone; here is a more specific approach for readers of this site. Go back and look at the spinning six-pointed thingy in a cube (on my Home page). You want to put yourSelf into the center of that six-pointed thingy; that is an even more powerful place of “stillness.” Like above, you must use whatever tools you need to eliminate the thoughts and emotions; just decouple them from your intentions.

Do you have to do the intentions one at a time? No, you can use your “normal” mind to create a list of things that you want, but put them in categories like more money, more sex, etc. Don’t just pile everything into a list; be thoughtful – be orderly – by tidy.  The Universe loves simplicity; complexity slows things down; the KISS principle applies.

Now, you have included your Mind and it is thankful. Go back to the center of the cube, still your Mind, acknowledge your Right Mind, and release your intentions.

You will want to get used to being with YourSelf or in your Right Mind. At first, let it be companionable silence where you both know each other is there. If you speak, speak softly and listen for the quiet reply. Relax, it will come, you may have to be re-focused to hear it.

Your Right Mind wants to help you be all that you can be. You start out by just sending it your intentions, but as you create your new life, there will be a need for more communications. Whenever you are “bogged down” in details or emotions, you are talking to your Monkey Mind, not your Right Mind. Read Dott’s book.

Call it, as he does, Not Mind at first. Once you establish a conversation with Not Mind, ask if Right Mind is better. Or whatever.

Manifesting is a Fire Being power that we all have, but most of us do not know how to use it. It becomes Visioneering when you transition to Earth Being, but is accessed the same way. As you gain access to more of your powers, you go to the same place to initiate them; that same still place in the center of the cube.

Oh, this is important! Once you have found that “Still” place and once you have “stilled” your Mind, say to yourSelf, “remember this place, I want to return to it.” That is an important creation; it will be easy to go back at anytime or anywhere.

Love, Light, and Laughter,


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