Happy New Year! Now, what?

Yes, we are finally, in 2022. We are finally, in Aquarius. Yes, we have finally, left Pisces.

For those on the path of being a Newman or Newoman or NewBeing, that path has been ACTIVATED. What does that mean? Back in 2002, I put mySelf into the Cube for the first time; it worked for me (and for you when you did so), but the Plan operating our world/universe did not know what to do with us. We were outside the Plan. We were there but on the sidelines. A lot of the same old stuff was happening to us; we were NewBeings, but without NewBeing energy or powres.

That all changed yesterday.  We are now a part of the Plan; the Plan embraces both Fire and Earth Beings. We can tap into our Right-Spin energies and powres. It has been a frustrating wait, but that is over now.

What’s next? The new energies are flooding into our world and us. Now, we will be going through a transition. Any issues that we have may actually get worse; our bursitis or sciatica may flare up, perhaps for the first time. We will all begin to heal; whatever is wrong. The last seven years have been a period of “Trials” for us. Think of Hercules; he had the 7 Labors that he had to complete before he could become a “God,” even though he was already a son-of-a-God Our Trials lasted from 2015 to 2022; instead of distinct efforts, we had to get through all the stuff that Darkness could send our way until now. Whatever has been happening in your life, it was put there by Spirit to make you stronger. It’s over. Just drop it and move on.

OK…..Our cells will be going through this transition and we will be getting new DNA. Be patient, it may take a month or even three. Look around and observe the changes that the new energies will be making. Fear, force, and control (or Darkness) have had their time in the Sun; the Plandemic is failing and so are the mandated vaccines and Vax Passports.  Dark energies stored up over 1000s of years were reduced to zero on New Year’s Eve; now Darkness only has 20%. Yes, that means that people strong in Light have the rest; 80%. Start looking for the changes that you want to see. Add your thoughts/desires/power to those changes.

For many of us, our Manifesting has been blocked; we just weren’t allowed. That block has been dissolved and your Manifesting or Visioneering powre will ramp up. Be kind to yourSelf, it is very weak and must be strengthened before it is very effective.

All New Beings (Fire and Earth) will get increased Manifesting/Visioneering powres. But also Teleporting and Replication powres. Before taking (teleporting) something of value, we will be able to duplicate it; that way we are not stealing. Some will have the powre to make things heavier or lighter or bigger/smaller. Again, be kind to yourSelves, like people, our talents are very different and some of us have much more talent in different things; this will be true for powres as well.

Some will be able to be invisible or undetectable. Some will be able to fly like Superman. Some will be able to have a power suit like the Green Lantern. Many will be able to Jump (see the movie “Jumper”). There are too many different powres to list here. Humanity will be getting Majikal powres in this New Age, even Fire Beings who are not on the New Being path. The old ways will, largely, be driven away by Majik (the 80% force). Yes, there will be much more freedom, truth, integrity, good choices, and people doing the right things.

Look at Brexit. Look at all the successes happening; the EU is collapsing in all directions. That is a win for the new energies. Same for China and the CCP. Same for the Deep State tyranny lockdowns and mandates; we are saying NO! We are no longer concerned about Conservative or Labor/Liberal, it has shifted to preserving our culture and traditions from the Globalists with their open borders and the one-size-fits-all approach to everything. These are all part of the shift from Pisces to Aquarius. Their Great Reset has failed; their energy is no longer supported.

Our Reset has just begun. Be kind to yourSelves, we do not have to wait too much longer. We are no longer on the sidelines. Get suited up and get ready to play and win on the field.

One last thought, many of us have had issues with Truth or False from our internal conversations. Truth has just gone to 80%. Like many binary things in our world, truth and false are two sides of a coin. I now demand that I am talking to “Heads” or truth. Tails or false is face down and blocked. Yes, NOW, it is that easy.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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