Large Numbers begin to Die

Covid has been bad enough, but millions will die from the vaccines; they were not supposed to protect you, they were designed to kill you. Do not use/take the home testing kits; they will kill you as well. The life insurance industry is in a state of panic; 100s of 1000s more people are dying and they will try to stop payment if you got the jabs/boosters. After all, they were just EXPERIMENTAL.  Is that going to fly? Politically?

Think of the millions around the world who have been told by their authorities that they MUST get the jabs for the protection of everyone. What happened, all of the people who believed the Media, the Talking Heads, and Big Pharm all went out and dutifully, got the jabs and boosters. That’s a huge problem for the people running the Scamdemic, most of the vaxxed people are the ones who are oriented towards fear, force, and control, the Dark population. Readers of this site will know that our world is made up of both left- and right-spin people;  the left-spin are also Dark. The Left-Spin/Dark people make up about 85% of the Earth’s population; if we have 7,000 million people, do the math (5,950 million).

The Elites believe that there are far too many people (useless mouths) on our planet. They have been planning for over 100 years for their Great Reset; that was supposed to get the world’s population down to 500 million. That is why we have had this worldwide Plandemic. It is not over, the planned supply chain breakdown, the energy shortages and the food shortages are all part of their plans. Who are these assholes? Think Davos.

Now, everyone is being told that the two jabs and two boosters may not be enough. It is mostly the vaccinated that are getting Omicron (80%) and they are having a worse time of it. Most of the 85% are doing as they have been told; they are getting the jabs/boosters, but what about the 15% that won’t. The Elites and their controlled politicians are now forcing people to get the jabs/booster by Mandate. If you don’t you cannot go out on the street or buy food or travel. You must prove that you have had the creeping/expanding requirements for the jabs/boosters. If not, you will be put in a Non-Compliance (Concentration) Camp.

But wait, everyone is still in shock, Omicron is being passed to everyone rapidly, but it is not a killer anymore; it is like a mild cold to eveyone who has not been vaccinated. It is, however, going to kill millions of the vaccinated who have been weakened by the jabs/boosters.

The Vaccine Mandates and Passports are failing everywhere. In many places, they are saying the Pandemic is over.  After all, if Omicron is just a cold, why all the histeria? Let’s all get back to “Normal” like in Texas, Florida, Sweden and others. People do not have to be told what to do, they have the freedom to make up their own minds.

In China, there is another Pandemic on the way; again this is a Plandemic. This time, it is hitting the Chinese very hard and they are actually trying to contain it. China is a giant mess and will not survive what is coming; no food, no heat, no electricity, no coal, debt disasters everywhere, no money, no jobs, very cold temperatures and continuing floods. All of the natural gas that was heading to China is now headed for Europe. Indonesia just cut off the Chinese from their coal. The Australians are not going to sell the Chinese  their coal; not after the nasty trade extortion. Everyone who can leave China is leaving; the companies, the foreigners and as many Chinese as possible.

So…The Plandemic is collapsing in most parts of the world. Covid has morphed into a mild cold; it is not scary anymore. People have tuned the Expert Scare Mongers out; far too many lies again and again. This is a sudden trun of events. Omicron was supposed to be as bad or worse than any of the other varients. What happened? Providence interveined. Another way of saying that is the energies shifted. On this site, I have been writing about the coming shift to Aquarius energies since 2011. The shift began in 2013 (after the end of the Mayan Calendar), but had a nine (9) year transition period between the two Ages (Pisces and Aquarius). On New Years Day, we, officially, entered Aquarius.

We have all experienced two years of massive fear being beamed into our living rooms. The authorities did not want to treat Covid with hydrochlorequin or Ivermectin or other treatments; they were banned. We all had to wait for the vaccines that are not vaccines and experimental to boot. Again, these were not supposed to protect us; but to kill us. These past two years are the swan song of Darkness; the last two years of the transition period.

So… Darkness did not have all of its 80% of power, but did have 1000s of years to build up/store Dark energies throughout the world. Darkness is defined as Fear, Force, and Control; does that fit for the past two years. Does that fit for the energy shortages, the supply chain breakdowns, the inflation, the mandates, the vax passports, the masks, the frenzy of the vaxxed against the unvaxxed and the sudden threat of war with Russia (and China).

Here’s what happened. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, all of the stored Dark power dissolved EVERYWHERE.  Darkness went from having 80% of the power in the world (in many respects/aspects) to only 20%. So, now, Darkness has one-quarter of the power it had in 2021 (and for 1000s of years). OK. Light is defined as more Freedom, Choice (Good), Truth/Integrity, Caring, and Doing Good. Light (or Right-Spin) now has 80% of the powre or four times what it had a few days ago.

Question? Does Darkness have the power to keep all of us in a state of continous Fear? Will all of the lies stand? Are the Elites (and their bought politicians) able to hide from accountability? How about Big Pharma and the Medical Community? Will we ever trust Doctors again?

THEY will try to distract us all with a war on the Ukraine/Russian border. If it happens, it will be bigger  and could even turn into another world war (China/Taiwan). Why must they do that? To cover up the truth of their Plandemic and all of the millions that they have killed. I am telling you now, the wars are not going to happen. Yes, some fighting will happen, but it will not get out of control (actually, it will be ordered). All of a sudden, fear is no longer the driver in our world. What a wonderful idea/concept!!! Yes, it still exists, but at ¼ of its former strength.

How can THEY force us to do anything? The masks are falling away. The mandates are being dropped by popular demand. Same for the Vax Proofs. Everywhere, courts are stepping in and shuting the mandates down. For those who set the deadline out to March, it will not happen (the energies will not support it).

Welcome to a new, better world.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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