What is happening in our Woke World?

Everyone is seeing the sane people leave the big cities in droves; it is happening worldwide. So… What is going to happen to these cities?

Anyone with wealth has left or is leaving. Stores are being boarded up or have been for months. Defund the police has become smash and grab or city-wide muggings; the rule of law no longer exists.

When a government loses control, anarchy happens. When all the good people leave, anarchy happens. The Gangs are going to take over and when that happens, the Gangs will fight each other for turf. These Gang Wars will be atrocious with many evil things done to the Gangsters, but also to the left-behind innocent bystanders. What will happen when the Gangs attack the suburbs? Or the Exburbs? People will have to organize to defend themselves, their families, and their property. Call it a Neighborhood Watch, but it will be much more soon.

People think that this cannot happen. Nonsense, we are seeing good people turn against good people just because they will not get a Jab. Good people are putting Anti-Vaxers into Indefinite Detention Centers or Concentration Camps; all in the name of Safety. What do they have to fear, they are already Vaxed and Boosted. But, it is turning out that they are still getting the Covid Flu. Why did they let themselves be injected with a poisonous blood clot and heart-damaging experimental (not safe) prevention tool being mandated by our Governments who want even greater control of us all (the Elites Great Reset).

The Plandemic is over. The Omicron variant is a dud; it is very contagious but is nothing more than a mild cold. The Elites and their bought politicians will try to lock us all down again and force us to have Vax Passports, but this will be a big fail. More and more of us are looking at places that do not require jabs, masks, or proof-of-jabs; what do the authorities want? Control, pure and simple. They want to take all of our Freedoms away by Dictatorial Dicate/Fiat/Mandates.

They actually told us that they would be doing it; they called it the Great Reset. There is going to be a Reset, but the Elites are the ones that will soon be running for their lives. Where on Earth are they going to be able to hide?

What is Wokeness? It is part and parcel of Globalism.  That is a one-size-fits-all approach to everything with the technocrats deciding everything for us. Think Fauci who, with the Chinese CCP, brought us Covid; he is largely responsible for the death of millions.

Increasingly, we are questioning the “Science” as that has been hijacked by the Elite Technocrats and is no longer reliable. The people making decisions for many of us have investments in the Jabs; they have been bought. There is no other explanation for their insanities.

Fortunately, most people can see Wokeness for what it is. Go Woke, Go Broke is working, even for the big multi-national corporations. I used to love Coca-Cola, but will no longer buy it as it is Woka-Cola. Same for Walmart and many others. We can all engage in the opposite of a Boycott; we can buy things from companies that we believe in, it is called a Buycott. Stop buying from the Woke. Stop doing business or supporting the woke. Stop watching and cheering for the woke sports teams. Wokeness is our enemy!!!

Fortunately, Amazon stopped its drift to Wokeness and has come back to sanity. Not sure, its too big and controlled by too few . Be watchful.

The shift or great reset has already happened. We have never had a worldwide pandemic before. We have never had worldwide lockdowns before. We have never had so many people terrified by their governments before. We have never shut down so many electrical generation plants powered by coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear before. What were they replaced with? Wind and Solar are not enough. Many millions will be very cold this winter; all in the name of reducing carbon and saving the Planet. Is it Global Warming or Global Cooling? We are entering a 100-year Mini-Ice-Age. As stated above, many millions are leaving the lockdown cities because they can work from home, but also to escape the fear and lockdowns. That is a huge change. Now, add in the global supply chain breakdown and energy shortages (engineered by the Elites). All of this has happened in just two years. If anyone had predicted or forecasted these events, even three years ago, no one would have believed it.

So, yes. We are all fully immersed in the Great Reset whether we know it or not. But, it has started falling apart. Throughout the world, thousands are saying no to more lockdowns and Vax Passports. Millions are saying no, no way, to getting jabbed.  We are all watching more and more jabbed people die suddenly. They are desperate to get us all “vaccinated” before massive numbers of the Vaxxed start dying. And now, Omicron is just a mild cold; how are they going to keep us scared of dying with that? Even if it is 40 times more contagious, it is still just a mild cold. When we get mad and turn on them; where are they going to hide?

Why is this happening? What could the Elites want from this? Simple, the Elites truly believe that our world can only support 500 million of us.  We are at 7,000 million and THEY want to kill 6,500 million of us to create a sustainable world. These Elites are Evil Monsters and so are their bought politicians.

Google the Georgia Stones. Just like they told us we would be having a Great Reset; they told us that Earth could only support 500 million. They had a Plan; it was the Plandemic.

We are entering a new Age on January 1st, 2022; that’s just 4 days away. Happy New Year!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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