How to talk to Your Heart; Not your Head

We have all experienced our Hearts telling us something different from our Heads; is there a way to tell what our Heart is telling us? Yes.

I have written before about tuning into our Nods and Shakes; you know when your head nods for yes and shakes for no. I realized that I needed to be more specific on how to make this work.

Take your dominant hand and place it on your breastbone. If you are not sure which is the better hand, place them both on the breastbone (above the breasts in the center).  Now, ask yourSelf if it wants to talk to you. You should get a distinct head nod Yes. Because you placed your hand near your heart, you have set your intention to talk to your heart. ,,,,,,,, Ask your Heart which hand it wants to use.

Now, verify with your Heart that you can get the truth using the head nods or shakes. That Truth will be coming from your Heart. Next, ask if you can get head nods and shakes from your Head; the answer should be a Yes. Wow, how can we deconflict the info from our hearts and head? Simple, put your hand on your heart when you ask the question; your head cannot interfere in that communication.

It is easy to get information using nods and shakes, but remember some of that may be wishful thinking from our heads (you know logical). So, if you are going to act on this kind of information, always check it by hand at heart.

OK. Now that we know how to get the Truth from our Hearts, you can ask about anything; people, sex, location, job, whether to take that job, whether to marry that person, whether that person is an energy vampire/sucker, whether you should move to get away from danger, etc.

When you use the hand-at-heart approach, you will not be lied to or misled. If you are not getting an answer, ask it a different way. If you are still not getting an answer, your heart does not want to answer (or cannot). Your heart will not give you a string-along answer, especially, if you tell it that you do not want string-along/when answers that are not part of your Pre-Now. If it is part of your Pre-Now, the SetUp is in place and is being applied (Apply is one of the strongest powre words).

Remember, Light/Right-Spin has taken over; it is at 40% now and will be at 80% on November 1st. That means that more freedom, truth/integrity, good choices, and doing the right things are moving towards us. Your heart is always stronger than your head, but is even stronger now in the dominant Light/Right-Spin forces.

Fear, Force, Control, and Chaos are all of Darkness/Left-Spin. Order is of the Light/Right-Spin; we all need rules or structure, but not too much. Tyranny comes with too much force and chaos.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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