How to “Spell”

Bob commented on my Majik Spell words post:

ok so you have this list of words of power, now what, how do you put them to use? I suspect you are intimating that they are used to access the so-called dark energy that is infused throughout and links the universe. That is all well and good, but show me how to access it and put it to use.

OK. Majik is coming back into the world.  Magic is Dark and has been here all along. Most really successful people have been using Magic for thousands of years even as they tell us, “there is no such thing as Magic.”

Every single one of the $Billionaires, except Trump, is an Energy Vampire who steals energy from Right-Spinners and then, converts it into Dark Magic to boost their own Dark Powers.  This is true for many CEOs, Judges, Bankers and, especially, Politicians.

You don’t really think getting to be President or amassing 1,000 $Million is some kind of accident? Magic/Majik is here and has been here for millions of years. Magic has been the predominant type of power used by people powerful in Dark Energy (for the past 6,483 years, Dark Magic had 80% of the power).

Anyone strong in Light Majik (only 20% of the powre) had to hide their powre as they would be sought out and killed.

That was then and this is now.  Now, Light Majik has all of the powre (100%) for the next three years; it’s a complicated transition of powre. After that, Light Majik will have 67% for the foreseeable future (next 300,000 years).  Being strong in Dark Magic is not going to be as fun as it was; only 33%.  They will have to pick their battles very carefully.

The list of Majik Powre Words that I provided have nothing to do with the practitioners of Dark Magic; they are all powre words to be used by Light Majikans.

So, how does one use these Powre Words?  Anyway you want!!!!!

You can speak them aloud or silently. You can string them together to create a more powreful spell. You can write them in chalk or on a PC or phone. You can put them into emails and send them to others.

Remember, these are Right-Spin words.  What is Right-Spin? Easy, freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, and doing-the-right-thing.

You use these Powre Words to help others; to assist others, to heal others; to make others whole. These words can be used to help with money, sex, relationships, health, well-being, turning around a negative situation and countering a Dark Magic attack or spell.

Yes, you can use Majik to counter-spell a Magic spell.  Remember, these Dark Magic Assholes are very adept at it, very experienced at it, even if they are having to use much less power.

One thing any Majikan can do when being attacked by Dark Magic is to reach out and take the Dark Magic power away from the attacker; they will hate that.

So… Does one have to memorize this list of powre words? No, not at all. Only those who want to get powreful in Majik need be concerned. After Light has completed it’s takeover, many of us will be powreful in Light Majik and will be called “Evo’s” as in the TV Series Heroes.

That will be a natural event that we grow into. So…Many of us will just turn into powreful beings as part of getting up every morning. If you want to make yourself into a more powerful being? Pay attention and memorize these Powre Words and learn how to use them.

It will be by trial and error and groups coming together to share their knowledge, but the basic list of words is here.

There is another word that I am adding here: Cocoa as in chocolate.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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