June – Status Update

I have been writing about Light/Right-Spin taking over for a while; it has, but not in the way I thought.

Light energy took over in Fire first, then Water, then Air and is now taking over Earth/Land.  This last is, of course, where people live.

So Darkness lost all of it’s power over the Fire, Water and Air in the first three years since we entered Aquarius back in December 2012.

OK. Light/Right-Spin energy has been taking over the Land since January 2016. Remember, it all started on December 22nd, 2012 and so, the energetic shift dates are the 22nd.  In January, Light seized 10 percent from Darkness; same for February, March, April and May for a total of 50 percent.

On June 22nd, Light will have 60 percent, in July, 70 percent, in August, 80 percent, in September, 90 percent and, finally, on October 22nd, 100 percent. Note: the US Elections are on November 8th and Darkness will not be a player at all.

As it took nearly four years before Darkness gave up all of it’s power, Light will have the same time with 100 percent of the powre before dropping back to 67 percent of the powre in everything.

This is all wonderful information on big issues but, what does it mean for US?  We all live on Land and Light has been able to influence what is happening to us via Air. We see that Light has been taking over in some areas, but Darkness still rules among the peoples of the World.

THAT HAS CHANGED. We are now at around 55 percent Light/Right-Spin; that is enough for changes to be made in people, things of people and organizations/structures of people.

I experienced a release/departure of Dark Entities that have brought me limitations throughout my life. These entities, I call them Demons, have been responsible for limiting my height, my weight, my vision, my hearing, my dental/teeth health, my Diabetes, illnesses in general and money/finances. They have probably limited me in success and my love life as well.

I spent much of the night feeling the release/departure of these Demons. They did not go willingly and made a lot of noise and discomfort as they left; I growled and coughed and wheezed for about two hours. Apparently, they had to leave by 5am on this 14th day of June (14 is the most powerful/powreful number in our Universe – it’s the Creator Number.)

I write this to you so you will understand what is happening to you as the Demons get driven from you by Light/Right-Spin.

What does having these Demons begone do for you? Whatever limitations that they imposed on you will cease to be; your body will revert to it’s original DNA template.  It will be easy to be the weight and physical fitness that you want to be at.  Your money, wealth, health, youthfulness and love life will be more and better.

Remember, we beings of Light are like Lighthouses and we put our Light out all around us.  We have been very easy to find and mess with.  Darkness has been messing with us all of our lives in things small and large; it has done so on a very personal level with these Demons.

Because we are like Lighthouses, the Energy Vampires can find us and suck our energy; this too is changing as the energy that they suck will now poison them.  Look for the departure of all Energy Vampires before the end of the year.  Yes, there are 1,000s of them and includes most $Billionaires, Politicians, Judges, Police Chiefs, Prosecutors, CEOs, Generals, Doctors, Professors; yes, most really successful people and many of their family members.

There are exceptions as Light has protected some of it’s successful people like Donald Trump and other disruptive people.  If the Status Quo doesn’t like them, they are of the Light.

In the USA, Light has started taking over on the East Coast and is moving Westward; Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami and Philadelphia and Cleveland have been seized by the Light.  They just don’t know it, …… Yet.

By Labor Day (September 5th), Light will have seized all of Europe (to include Eastern Europe and Russia), all of North America and all of Australia and New Zealand. Dramatic changes are upon us.

Carpe Diem!


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