Status Update?

I have been writing about Light Taking Over for the past several years; it has been taking over, incrementally, in  little pieces.

Many of your know about BitCoin; it is a cryptocurrency that is not controlled by the Dark Powers that be. It is designed to be distributed, individualized, non-centralized and uncontrollable. Doesn’t that fit the definition of Light or Right-Spin?

The basis of the BitCoin is something called the Block Chain and it will used for honest, trusted voting  and commerce in many things soon.

The Dark Assholes have tried to stop this concept, but have been unable to do so.  Why? It is coming from the Light as Light has been ramping up. You do know that the Internet and all of these wonderful smartphones and tablets and Broadband and WiFi have all come from Light/Right-Spin??? Light wants more communication; it wants to shed more Light on everything.

I have been saying that Light has been taking over, but, it has been doing so invisibly for the most part.  The foundation for change had to be established.  On April 23, 2016, that foundation was completed. Now, in May, Light/Right-Spin can begin to use it’s full powre in a visible way.

Majik can now enter the world as the dominant powre; up to now, Magic has been the dominant power which was based on fear, force and control.

You say, there’s no such thing as Magic?

How the hell did our Muslim Obama get elected twice? How is a criminal, who should be in jail, running for President as a Democrat. BTW, she will be indicted soon; her Dark Mojo is gone. So is His.

BTW, the Democrat Party is very Dark, but hey, so is the Republican Party and so is the US GOVERNMENT. But, this is true for most Governments on the planet; remember, Darkness has been in control for the past 6,483 years.

All (but 1) of the $Billionaires, many of the Politicians, Bankers, Judges and Actors are Energy Vampires who suck energy from Right-Spinners to get added energy to get ahead.

Donald Trump is a Right-Spinner; he is the exception. Just look at how the Dark Insiders are afraid of him and what he will do to their cozy, broken system in Washington DC.  He has already said that he doesn’t want their experts and will bring his own. Guess what? He is bringing Right-Spinners with him.

You say that I am nuts? Here is an important stat; 95 out of 100 people are Left-Spinners and most of them are at least 60 percent Left-Spin or higher. It doesn’t matter what color or race or religion they are, if they are more than 59 percent Left-Spin, they will not be welcome on Earth very soon. That includes the white or caucasian race.

Does that mean they will have to leave? YES, and not by Space Ship. Mosquitoes are Dark little beings who force themselves upon us; the females must suck our blood to reproduce. Won’t it be ironic when Light uses Mosquitoes and other Dark beings to kill off those who need to leave. #Zika.

What does this mean? All of the Dark Assholes will be gone soon and our world will be a much better place. There will be truth, trust, a feeling of well-being and a knowing that we can move forward, on the right path, quickly.

In the United States, two-thirds of the population will be leaving; in other places that ratio will be much higher. Why is the US so special? Because Light/Right-Spin energy was used to create it over 200 years ago.  Even though Darkness has taken over in that time, the Light foundation is still intact and is growing stronger everyday.

Note: there are more than 14,000 subscribers to this blog. Spirit tells me that more than 25,000 Humans have transformed themselves into Newmen/Newomen. That is Good News; it means that Newmen/Newomen are not alone. We may live thousands of years in young-looking, healthy bodies, but there are thousands of us to work and procreate with together. Yes, we are a new evolution of Man.

Find and read the Newman Manifesto again.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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