How to Stop both NSA and the Hackers

See my Revitae Technologies site and scroll down until you find “Improved Passwords and Encryption.” I thought I’d put a post up on how to make it impossible for NSA, North Korea or any Hacker to mess with you (or anyone else) by using a new, improved version of encryption.

No, I haven’t invented a new encryption algorithm or a new key management system. My issue with encryption has always been that there are not enough variables to hide the content. Think about it, if you count the 10 numbers and the 52 letters (upper and lower case) and the 31 different types of punctuation on a large keyboard, that is only 93 variables. If you have a few more characters in your alphabet, like the Russians, you still have fewer than 100 variables.

With so few variables, NSA, and many Hacker organizations, has/have the computing power to try every possible variation until they get to “plain text” which is how they break encryption codes on protected documents, databases or emails. Emails are particularly easy as there is so much standardized, required formatting. Re-member, our computers are getting faster, with larger CPUs, memories and hard drives. The bus (internal bandwidth) keeps getting faster; the Internet WIFI bandwidth keeps getting faster; and everything keeps getting less expensive. It is becoming easier for everyone to break into encryption algorithms.

OK. Got it. To make encryption secure, we must be able to add many more variables. YES!

All right, that is what I have come up; I have an approach that allows any encryption algorithm to make a function call to use 20,000 or more variables in the encryption stream. To help you understand I am going to discuss the Pin on your ATM Card; it is four numbers out of ten. There are only ten variables and, that, makes it relatively easy to guess, especially, if you are a Hacker. OK. Here’s a quick fix; add 20 colors to the sign-in process. Now, you have 200 variables and it becomes much harder for someone to hack into your credit/debit card. It will take a little longer to sign-in, but it will be much safer.

The trick is how to add these variables. I know how to do so for all of the different operating system softwares; doesn’t matter if it is IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Linux or the many other options. It is a framework for adding many bytes, each of which represents 256 different variables, to the encryption process.

OK. Why this post? As Light is taking over in the next few days, I thought I should let you all know that you do not have to give up your privacy. Light is more freedom and that includes more freedom from fear whether that is NSA or your own Government Spies or the Hackers.

If this rings a bell and you want to help me bring this technology, or others at Revitae, into the world, contact me at

Love, Light and Laughter,


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