The Asteroids are Coming? Not

A while ago, I wrote about moving into the Photon Belt/Aquarius. It’s true, we have moved into this area of intense Light that has a lot of big rocks floating around. The Elites have a good start on building underground shelters; I mean tunnels and living spaces that are miles underground and connect up many of the Air Force Bases in the United States.  This is a program called COG, as in a cog in the wheel. It stands for Continuity of Government. The Air Force Bases will give these people mobility on an as needed basis.

The Elites are convinced that giant asteroids, meteors or comets will be hitting the Earth and causing extinction level events (ELE). This is NOT going to happen. Yes, they have it all wrong, or at least mostly wrong.

How do I know this is NOT going to happen? Is there something in place that will prevent this from Happening? Yes. Google “Crystal Grids” and you should read about an Archangel named Kryon.  You can just Google Kryon; he has been giving us lots of information on what is happening and going to happen for about 20 years.  He, and his army of Angels have been putting up a series of Crystal Grids; one is around the Earth, one is around the Moon and one is around both the Earth and the Moon.

OK. Are they completed? Yes. What do they do? They are an energetic grid that is NOT visible to our detection technologies (can’t be detected with RADAR or photographically). This is a smart grid and it allows stuff through it that we send, but it will not allow big space rocks through. If a big space rock approaches the Earth, they will hit the outer grid and, essentially, compress it enough until it bounces away.  If it is really big and traveling very fast, it may compress into the grid around Earth, but that is unlikely.

OK. We are safe from big space rocks so there is no thing that we have to worry about? Unfortunately, no; the Crystal Grids are designed to keep the big space rocks out, but will allow small space rocks (ones that will not destroy life on the Planet) through. What is the danger? Many thousands of small iron meteorites will be hitting Earth in swarms; they will be moving about 17,000 miles per hour and most of them will burn up in the atmosphere. But… some of them will get through and often enough that it will not be safe to live in our houses. These meteorites will mess with our crops and will sink any boat or ships that is not armored. They will destroy all of our satellites so no more GPS or communications satellites. Some of these iron balls will weigh in at 5-10 pounds when they hit.

How are we going to cope? The meteorite swarms will mostly (95%) fall between 30 degrees north and south of the Equator, so we can still grow crops and live out in the open, but it will be much more dangerous. In these areas of limited “falls”, we can set up our outward looking RADARS to detect where and when the Meteorite Falls will hit. Out airplanes will have to re-route to avoid the “falls.”

When will these “falls” start? In about 2020; so we have some time to prepare. In about three years, we will start to see some “fall” events, but they will be few and scattered.

What will happen to our cities in this destruction zone? They will be destroyed; the roofs and windows will utterly smashed by these fast moving iron balls and, of course, the rain and snow will do the rest.

So… Humanity, as we know it, will cease to exist? No, we have an alternative. You can move to Northern Europe, Canada, Alaska or Siberia or you can move into the Hollow Earth (you know Journey to the Center of the Earth). Again, Google Hollow Earth. It is true. It is there and it is not so hard to get to. Whether you know it or not, you can get there by ship or plane, but the people there are not expecting us and may not be happy about our arrival. There are two polar openings about 80 or 90 miles across; this is where early European Sailors got the notion that you could fall off the Flat Earth.

There are large seas down within, but they are all fresh water.  There is a flow of this fresh water into our world; it comes up in the Gulf of Mexico and flows over towards Spain where it dives back within. We call this the Gulf Stream.

My point is that “normal” is not going to continue. Those of us who survive the coming Earth Changes will have to make decisions about living on the surface, going into underground tunnels or moving to the Hollow Earth.

Yes, all of the massive changes to the Earth’s crust and tectonic plates that I have been writing about will be completed in the next three years; the count-down starts tomorrow on December 22, 2014.

For some, very few, there is another option. The German people have a base on the Dark Side of the Moon. Yes, they have flying saucers. They consider themselves to Aryan and will be very selective about who they will accept. If you are not GERMAN, there not much point in applying. Believe it or not, they have 9 million people under a large dome in that Moon Base.

Why haven’t they attacked us? Because they are working with Humans from other, fairly close planets that many people call the Pleiadians and they have not been allowed to be warlike against Earth. They are a Light-oriented people now.

Will the Pleiadians help us? Perhaps, but it will not come until after all of the changes have made us choose between tough choices.

Re-member, the Light takes over tomorrow. The ways of Darkness must be cleansed and it will not be pretty. But, know this Light Being, you are on the side of the Angels and everything will work out well for you and all of us.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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