What is Your NOW? How about Pre-Now?

Start, Quest (as in questioning), and Powre are all 5-letter power words. As of July 10th, 2022 (7+1+6=14), New Being powres have started to be pushed out. It will be little things at first; pay attention. Your intentions will be a bit more robust; that parking space will be there or that line/queue will be small/gone. Good thing(s) will start to occur more often.

Use the tool with the hand-at-heart (nods and shakes) to learn more about Your Powres. Everybody will be getting some kind of a shielding powre first. By that, I mean, you will be left alone; you will not be hassled/bothered by the authorities. Set your intention for More; good choices, freedom, truth, integrity, money, and, generally, good stuff happening. Remember to use the power word, APPLY. Start using Apply after anything that you think you want; it is not just thinking, but triggering.

When we try to Manifest (or Visioneer), we tend to assume  (dangerous word, ass-u-me) that we are creating something for our Now. That is where most of us have our problems. You know, when Spirit tells us a when and it does not happen. Try sending it to your Pre-Now; that is where all of your Setups go; Apply works strongly for your Pre-Now.

Use the hand-at-heart technique to find out what is in your Pre-Now; if it is there, it will be happening soon (within hours or days). If it is not there, it is not coming to your Now. Note: if you have been told that something is coming (from your heart), it will come, but you will have to wait for it. If your head is telling you, it is probably misinformation; try again with your heart.

Part of finding what is in your Pre-Now is to ask whether you have any Negative Setups coming to you. Wow, you can find out in advance? Yes, and you may be able to cancel them. To cancel them, you must know about them before they are applied. You can also ask about Positive Setups. This is a great quest(ion) to ask every week.

Another great quest is to find out what your Now is. Is it 5 days, or 3 or 1? Is it 12 hours, or 6 or 3? Is it different for money or sex or food or shelter? Spirit loves simplicity but combines them until it can become complex. For example, things like rent or car payments (monthly) could easily be 14-days. Once you find out what your Nows are, can you change them? Yes. Use your intention and Apply; it is Your Now. You can simplify your Now down to one value, but get your Heart to agree.

This is another example of Conscious Creating. Use the 14 number (or 5) for consciously creating; it is the Creation Number whether we use it consciously or just allow good (and bad) things to happen by accident, luck, or happenstance (Unconscious Creating). There is no such thing as accident, luck, or happenstance; everything is a Setup being run for you by your heart. Review my Home Page. Be creative in using all of the numbers on any given day; for example, 7-10-2022 is a triple 14-day, but the 1 can make three additional 5s using the 2s in 2022. 28 is two times 14 so it is a double 14-day each month. Using this technique, you find that you have many more Creation Days than you thought. Whatever you do, do not continue to drop into negative self-talk; use I can instead of I can’t. Even without using Apply intention will set your Pre-Now with enough repetitions.

Math and numbers are a gift from Spirit. Even though they are purely mental constructs, they have huge powre. They work whether we are aware (consciously) or not; 1+1 is always 2 and 3 x 3 is always 9. Do not dismiss numerology as some hocus-pocus, mumbo-jumbo fraud; there is great powre in numbers.

Think about it; we have a thumb and four fingers twice, a big toe and four little toes twice, a torso with two arms and two legs. That is the number 14 five times. We also are born with 32 teeth and tend to lose four of them “Wisdom” teeth; that leaves us 14 up and 14 down. Last point; water freezes at 32℉, boils at 212℉, and live steam is at 221℉. These are all different states of water; they are all different creations. Anytime you can make any numbers add up to 5, that is a 14 (even if it is made up by 3 and 2).

Any multiples of 5 (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100, 500, 1000) are that many additional Creation Numbers. You wonder why our money is like that?

Love, Light and Laughter,


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