Ides of March

In my last post, I wrote about the first counter-attack by the forces of Light. This post will elaborate.

There are approximately 100 million people on Earth who are strong or very strong in Dark Power; they are our Shepherds and we are their Sheeple. While Darkness had 80% of the power, this was the way it was.

Now, Darkness only has 20% of the powre and we all are in the last year of transition from Dark Dominance to Light Dominance.

I have written several times about the coming Earth Changes; they are upon us now. Starting on March 15th, 2021, the changes will become visible to all.

The Great Dam in China will, finally, collapse killing 100s of millions of people. This mass movement of water weight will trigger massive rolling, like a roller-coaster, earthquakes throughout China. These, in turn, will trigger a collapse of China into the sea. It will no longer be the South China Sea, but the China Sea. Oddly enough, Taiwan (Formosa) will survive intact.

This collapse of China will trigger massive changes in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India. Pakistan, Iran and all of the “Stan” countries west of China. The rolling earthquakes will be incredibly devastating.

Think about it, this region has at least half of the peoples of Earth; perhaps, two billion will perish.

The collapse of China will trigger a massive Cascades Earthquake and Tsunami which will, in turn, trigger a series of giant earthquakes along the San Andreas fault in California and Mexico. Between the quakes and Tsunamis, many millions will be lost there too.

California, Oregon, and Washington State are the complex of Darkness in the United States (along with Illinois and New York); they will be devastated. The Central Valley of California will become a shallow sea; goodbye Silicon Valley (Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, et al). The Los Angeles basin will collapse to a depth of 4,000 feet of water leaving islands where Santa Barbara and San Diego are now. Baja California will collapse and the Sea of Cortes will expand northward towards the Hoover Dam/Lake Meade linking up with the Pacific around San Diego island. These Earthquakes will be in the 12-14 on the Richter Scale; no living person has ever experienced these.

The San Andreas Fault extends down to Mexico City and turns east heading towards Montserrat. Mexican cities along the fault will experience Earthquakes in the 12-14 range as well (Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla, and Vera Cruz). Monserrat will be nearly destroyed as an island in a massive volcanic eruption.

For whatever reason, Mount Vesuvius in Italy is linked to this. When Monserrat explodes, so will Vesuvius. The Vesuvius eruption will trigger a series of very large earthquakes along the Atlas Mountains. These, in turn, will begin the collapse of Northern Africa into the sea. The sands of the Sahara will be the seabed.

There’s more and all of it is happening in 2021. Most of Central America collapses into the sea and takes most of the islands of the Western Caribbean (Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic), and Puerto Rico). Western, Central, and Eastern-Central Africa collapse into the sea. Kenya and South Africa will be large islands. All of the Saudi Arabian Pennisula will collapse into the sea; this will include Israel and the Sinai.

For whatever reason, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and South America are largely spared.

Our world will soon be a very different place.

So, what about the 100 million people who have been favored by Darkness? Light has a special program for them; they will begin to leave on the Ides of March and will be gone (mostly) by July 4th (actually June 15th). This 100 million is spread out among all the peoples of Earth; one third in China, one third in North America, and the last third everywhere else.

I have written about 85% of the people on Earth being 60% or greater in their orientation towards Darkness – Fear, Force, and Control. These are the people leaving; they are no longer welcome to stay. It has nothing to do with how “good” or “bad” they have been; it is all about how much Light they have in their energy mix. And, what they have been doing with their Dark Power; some have been very Evil.

Fear not, we are all “immortal” Spiritual beings who drop our bodies like an old overcoat and return to Spirit to wait/rest until we get a new body somewhere – on one of the millions of habitable planets. Most of these people will not be returning to Earth anytime soon.

It will be a stressful year; it already is. This is analogous to the metaphor of a “broom sweeping clean.” The people of Darkness and the structures of Darkness will be energetically cleared/cleaned. It will be over as soon as possible and we all will begin living in the New “Golden Age.”

Events like these occur once or twice every 26,000 years; mostly once. We do not have any memories of these catastrophic times or even those past civilizations. The shift in energy dominance that is happening now is a large shift that impacts all nine of the local universes in our Multi-verse. We are in the Ninth at the outer edge. Darkness will be limited to 20% in all of them for a very long time – AEONs.

Love, Light and Laughter,


(no longer Apprentice)

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