What kind of Creator are You?

In every religion on the planet, we are told that we are made in the image of our Creator. OK. Obviously, we as Mankind have been able to change our world to suit us in many ways. We have electricity, running water, plumbing, cars and trucks, trains, planes, and computers/phones; we have definitely changed our world from just 300 years ago.

When we are born, we come into this world as a Fire Being. What that means is that we are all born as “3” Level Creators and have powers over making and using fire like steel alloys, internal combustion, electricity (think electric burners) and computers (think Ohm’s Law – heat). We can use these creations to conquer the Earth, the Air, and the Water.

After progressing enough, some of us have become Earth Beings. See the Rotating Six-Pointed Thingy in a Cube on the Home Page of this site.

Hexahedron One is dedicated to transforming more and more Fire Beings into Earth Beings. So, what happens once you have become an Earth Being? The simplest answer is that you have become a “5” Level Creator. This is the true meaning of moving into the 5th Dimension.

For everyone who has gone through the transformation process on this site, you have moved beyond “3” Level Creating and towards “5” Level Creating. This applies to all of you who have become New Beings (Newomen and Newmen). For those of you who have put yourSelves into the Cube, you are, now, “5” Level Creators. Earth Beings/5 Level Creators have dominion over both Fire and Earth. All New Beings are “3 Plus” Creators and can use “5” Days as well; just with a little less impact.

What does that mean? Not sure yet, but Earth Beings have only been around since 2002 and most of us have not gotten any new powres or capabilities yet. Unfortunately, we have all had to wait until we got through the transition into Aquarius. The Good News is that transition will be completed by 2022.

Having said that, we will have dominion over the Earth. One of the biggest limitations that we have devoted ourselves to is mobility; being able to traverse large distances quickly and with greater comfort. We think nothing of getting on an airplane and flying around the world. There is this concept called “Jumping” and there is even a film called “Jumper.” I recommend that all of you watch that movie. Forget about the bad guys chasing the Jumpers; that is drama.

Mentally, we have to take the progress we have made in traveling to a new level – beyond Fire Being. That is being able to instantly traverse great distances by transporting ourSelves there by thought. Wow, no more airports or customs or restrictions on what we can bring with us. Wow, no jail or detention center can hold us; we will even be able to Jump out of handcuffs and straight jackets. Need money, Jump into a bank vault; just don’t leave notes or fingerprints (see the Jumper movie).

Alright, if we can move ourSelves around mentally? How about other things? We will be able to teleport objects mentally as well. Need something from the grocery store, locate it from somewhere and transport it to yourSelf. It can be gems or coins or food or wine or fuel; whatever. Again, this is overcoming, at a greater level, the limitations we conquered as Fire Beings.

Remember, we are higher level Creators. On my Home Page I write about the days we Create On. I did not realize that I was just writing for Earth Beings. We are also Fire Beings and can also Create on “3” days. Think about it, we live in a 3-Dimentional world; height, depth, and width. A Fire needs air and fuel to combust. We are man, woman and child. We have forward, reverse and neutral gears. We think of ourSelves as young, middle aged and old. “3s” are everywhere in our world.

We are all told that we have the power to Manifest. That is a 3 Level Creator power that most of us have not figured out, but obviously, some of us have; $Billionaires and Hollywood Actors and Prominent Politicians. OK, what is the new 5 Level equivalent? Visioneering or being able to visualize what we want to create. We been practicing it all of our lives by putting an image/photo of what we want on the fridge or bathroom mirror.

That is how we are supposed to “Manifest.” What is the next level up? It includes Teleporting, but also, being able to Replicate or Duplicate or Copy something and then, Teleport it. Say you find something on Amazon that you really want; it could be a new phone or TV or computer or whatever. Imagine replicating it and, then, teleporting it to yourSelf. Is that stealing? Or, it is just getting around limitation of Fire Beings. The same applies to money; need cash, replicate it and teleport it. Need digital money? Again, replicate it or add to it mentally, then teleport it to your bank account or Bitcoin wallet/holder.

Go back and re-read my page on Transformer Now. The ultimate 5 power is being able to take something, anything and, mentally, change it or improve it. That is the power of being a Transformer; we even have movies about it.

Once you put yourSelf into the Cube/Hexahedron, you enter as a Keeper. That relates to preserving our environment and preventing undue damage to our planet and ourSelves. The Keeper will have powers to clean up things that are messy; think Superfund Pollution sites, the Ocean Plastic issue, and the Covid Pandemic.

The next degree is Grower. They will have the power of growing things without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They will have power over the weather and the amount of sun, water and warm growing conditions in certain protected areas. Perhaps, under new energy shelters/domes. These powers will even extend to protection from floods; the waters will flow around the protected areas.

The next degree is Miner. They will have the power to locate and/or replicate and transport minerals/elements of all kinds that will be needed for the many new alloys with amazing properties that are coming into the world. This is not “Hard Rock” mining; it is the easy Earth Being way. They will also have all the powres of the Keeper and Grower.

That is the bottom half of Earth Being powres. A significant jump in power/authority is achieved at the Smelter degree. They will have the power to mentally create wonderful new alloys using many new techniques that go far beyond the use of heat to smelt metals. Different types of electricity, cold temperatures, and many types of phase changing will be involved. The Smelter will be able to work with the Miners to obtain the needed components and mix/sequence them into new forms. Smelters will be able to replicate and teleport (deliver) these alloys where they are needed. Smelters will be able to teleport very large objects; think full oil tanker ships.

Builders are the next highest degree; they have the powre to build new concepts as working prototypes for people to try. This includes tweaking things, mentally, along the way using “real-time” feedback. Think we ways of building houses, motors, generators, power generation plants, farming, manufacturing, education, courts, police, medicine. Many new things will be coming.

Transformers have all of the powres of the Keeper, Grower, Miner, Smelter, and Builder plus a few that they do not have.

For everyone who is still a 3 Creator, you can create on “3” days (this includes all 5 Creators as well). That means all of the days in March or December are Creation Days for you. The 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th are your Monthly Creation Days. Multiples of 3, like 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, and 30, are also your Creation Days. There are also Month and Day combinations like 1/2, 1/11, 1/20, and 1/29 or 4/8, 4/17, 4/26 or 12/9, 12/18, or 12/27. Your next “3” Year is 2100.

New addendum for 5 Creators: The concept is already there for the 28th day of the month; it is a multiple of 14. Just like for the 3 Creators above, multiples of 5 or 14 are also Creation Days. The 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th are also Creation Days. May and October are both Creation Months. 2021, 2030, 2039, 2048, 2057 2066, 2075 etc. are Creation Years (every 9 years).

3 Creators have Creation Days about 1/2 of the time while 5 Creators have Creation Days about 3/4s of the time. So, not every day is a Creation Day, but there are a lot for Conscious Creating.

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