Merry Christmas!


This is a happy, joyous time of year for many. Enjoy it. Embrace it.

I have written extensively about the transition from Darkness to Light. What we are all experiencing now is the last gasp of Darkness; it has taken all of its reserve power and put it into Brexit, the stolen US Elections and propping up the Chinese Communists. Right now, it looks kind of grim for the world. We are all hearing about the coming “Global Reset” where the elites, finally, take over completely, and we will all be happy not owning anything.

We started a nine-year transition in December 2012; I know, this is only eight years. Yesterday, we entered the last year of transition; the big shift in power/powre happened then. Darkness has been able to use its stored-up/reserve power to create the illusion of success.

What is the old adage? “It is the Darkest just before the Dawn.” Rest easy, the Dawn has just started; Light can use its 80% powre now and Darkness only has a 20% share (from now on); no more reserves.

This site brought a new way or path back to Spirit into the world; many of you have transformed yourSelves into New Beings (Newomen and men). Everything in Spirit runs on cycles. Do you really think the planet conjunction is just an accident? Some are calling it the Christmas Star and others are calling it the Star of Bethlehem. The reports say the last time it happened was 400 years ago, but 800 years ago at night. Do the math, 5 cycles ago is 2,000 years in the time of Christ.

I am not religious, but know that Christ was an Avatar who came here with important knowledge to share with the world; we still remember him and his message all this time later. That is not an accident; there are no accidents.

The birth of Right-Spin energies into our Universe(s) has had to wait on this Shift of the Ages (Pisces to Aquarius). The shift still has a year to go, but Light (and Right-Spin) are moving against Darkness with full powre as of yesterday.

I know, it has been a depressing time for most of us. We have watched the Deep State corruption appear to win. We may have to wait until 2021 to see the reversal, but maybe this coming week.

My point is that Darkness is in a world of hurt; not only does Light have 80% of the powre, but Right-Spin has 99%. It is important to understand the difference between Light and Right-Spin; Light is all about looking at things from a planetary perspective and Right-Spin is focused on woman and her creations. The coming Mini Ice Age is in Light’s domain. The coming collapse of China into the sea is in Light’s domain. The vast removal of the Dark-oriented populations are in Light’s domain. All of that falls into the Eons long war between Darkness and Light.

Let’s look at China. It is incredibly Dark; it is not just the CCP, but slave labor camps, the daily surveillance/spying on its people, and the poisoning/polluting of the land. The Chinese people have fully participated in these actions; they got the government that they asked for/deserved.

So, look at what is happening to China; massive continuing floods that should have stopped six months ago, the destruction of most of its food by flooding, Typhoons and Locusts, the destruction of its factories and economy. It is cold in China now and politically, the Chinese are not using Australian coal; impact? Millions of Chinese are freezing in their homes. All of these are the work of Light because China was so very Dark. What happens next? The Giant Dam is going to break and the Darkness of China will wash away (or begin to).

What is Right-Spin energy and how will it serve mankind? It is best to think of Right-Spin as a form of Majik which can be used to make our lives better. You say, there is no such thing as Majik. Look around, do you have a life supported by electrical power with refrigeration, wonderful mobility with cars, trucks and airplanes, heated homes with a push of a button and amazing technologies like your phones and computers? Guess what? All of that technology was Right-Spin energy slowly entering our world over the last 300 years.

What we think of as Technology is a force for good; it makes our lives easier and better. We all know that technology keeps changing faster and faster and everyone is now looking for the next great transformative tech whether it is tunneling through the ground or pushing us into space.

Now, today, Right-Spin energy is fully powred (powered). What does that mean? Advanced new technologies that the world has not been ready for can now come into the world. Take a look at my Technology (Right-Spin) site at for an idea of what is to come/coming.

This site is all about New Beings and transforming yourSelves. So, now you are a Newoman or man and have transformed yourSelf into a higher level Fire Being or put yourSelf into the Cube/Earth Being degrees. What does that mean?

Remember cycles? Everything had to wait until now to powre up Right-Spinners. In order to transform yourSelf into a New Being, you had to enter your Inner/Secret Heart as a Right-Spinner; Left-Spinners were excluded (they have to find/figure out how to do it differently for themSelves). That is why we have 99% of the Spin Powre; had to allow 1% for the Left-Spinners, but they may never figure it out.

Now, New Beings (who are all Right-Spinners) can begin to receive Right-Spin energies to use in their Majik. Not sure how this is happening as it is the first time anywhere. Be watchful, thankful, forgiving of yourSelf and love everything you can. Powres are coming. Majik is coming. It will be amazing over the next year for all of us.

This energy is here already, and we all use it in many ways. We just do not call it Majik. But that Majik is generic and is intended for everyone. It is part of the rise in the vibrations of the Earth which is being driven by the rise in the vibrations of many Humans here.

But now, those who have found and decided to walk this new path, have more choices available to them. You will have powres coming that are associated with your degree of attainment. These powres will include many small powres like being able to start a fire mentally, speed up the heating of water or sharpen a knife/ax, again mentally. Programming anything will be much easier. All the Fire Being and Earth Being powres will include the ability to recharge batteries mentally by tapping into the Earth’s fields. There are many more, but one more notable powre is the cleaning or purifying of water, again mentally.

Vertical Masters will be healers and be able to move energy to and from the body(ies) and the Earth. They will be able to manifest, but on steroids; it is called Visioneering. They will all be able to see more clearly what is ahead. When I say healing, it is not just people, but animals and the land, water and air.

Horizontal Masters will have all of these powres, but more. They will be able to fetch things from a distance; teleporting. Say a part is critically needed, and it is available in a warehouse 100 or 1000 miles away. Or say, food is running short, but it is available elsewhere. Horizontal Masters will have this ability to bring things mentally.

Mahatmas are the most powreful of the Fire Beings. They will have Visioneering and Teleporting, but at a much greater level. They will also have the ability to Replicate things like coffee and food or seeds or bullets. Many other things limited by imagination only. Mahatmas are the first New Beings that are able to Jump; move themSelves over great distances mentally, effortlessly.

After Mahatma, you are an Earth Being and have all the Mahatma powres, but with greater strength and reach. In addition to Replicating and Jumping, Earth Beings will be able to mentally control the flow of electrons; turn devices on or off or stop the ignition (firing) of a bullet. This applies to extinguishing fires, even out-of-control forest fires.

Other Earth Being powres include Fixing or Repairing things, making things heavier or lighter, making things bigger or smaller, and Transforming things into different or better things. Some Earth Beings will be able to make themSelves very large or small, invisible/undetectable, be able to fly or hover in the air. Believe it or not, some will have their own, better than the original, Iron Man suits.

All New Beings will be able to draw on these new Right-Spin energies to make these and many other Majiks.

What about “normal” Humans? Will they get any Majikal powres? Yes, life will tend to get easier and less stressful for everyone. People will be able to grasp and adopt new, better ways with less resistance. Many normal people will get some lesser powres of the New Beings over time. All of us have entered a New Age dominated by Light and Right-Spin energies; the times of Fear, Force and Control is over.

Majik and Majikans have returned to our world. Rejoice, be excited and thankful.

Again, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year. 2021 is a Creation Year (adds up to 5); it will be a year of great change for the better.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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