R;ussia is Going, Going, ….. Gone

It is becoming obvious to the people of Russia that the Russian State is falling/failing. The Russian Federation is made up of 85 different ethnic regions/territories that have been suppressed by the  Russian Security Forces (KGB) and/or military. The West has watched as the Russians attacked and seized portions of Georgia, and Ukraine, and are poised to annex the Russian-speaking part of Moldova (if not all).

Kaliningrad, the Russian-speaking enclave next to Poland and Lithuania is in the process of declaring its independence from Russia. They are (or will soon be) voting on becoming an independent state or merging with Poland, Lithuania, or Germany. They realize that Russia has failed in its attempt to seize Ukraine and are trying to avoid being attacked or given away as part of Putin’s disaster. Russia will never willingly give up Kaliningrad as it is its only warm water port on the Baltic Sea and the major Russian Navy port there. Having said that, Putin has approved the vote for independence. ???

So, what happens to Russia when it collapses? Whoa, who said Russia is collapsing? Russia is a mess; its people are not reproducing for many reasons. Those reasons include oppression, massive drug/alcohol abuse, poor economic choices, few educational options, a poor medical system, and increasingly cold (er) winters. As Putin continues to fail in Ukraine, he has been forced to pull his military forces from critical locations within Russia; he is also drawing from the internal security forces. The fear-based state is rapidly becoming less feared.

What most of us in the West do not realize is that the oil, gas, wheat, fertilizer, and strategic metals (nickel, titanium, and others) all come from these 85 ethnic regions within Russia. The Moscow region does not have any of these natural, strategic resources. As the Russian state weakens, many of these ethnic regions will attempt to gain their independence. Many of these locations are Muslim populations and are being radicalized.

We, in the West, have been shocked at how badly the Russian military has been performing in Ukraine; why is that? Massive corruption under Putin (and the Russian system). Funds were diverted, food was not bought, tanks were not maintained, computer chips (in everything) were not replaced when they failed. Result? Nothing in the Russian Army works like it is supposed to. That includes the Russian Air Force, Navy, and Strategic Missiles Forces (their nukes). I only include their nukes as our legacy media keeps trying to scare us about them; No One has Nukes (not Russia, not China, not Iran, not Israel, not India, not Pakistan, not North Korea, and NOT the United States. No one has tested a nuke that everyone can see for 50 years or more. Those deep underground explosions could be 1000s of tons of TNT; they are not nuclear weapons.

Yes, we still have nuclear power plants. For whatever reason, they are still allowed. But, not as weapons. Why on Earth did the US move so rapidly towards GPS and smaller (and smaller) precision bombs and missiles. This has been of huge cost. Add Stealth and the Space Force to that. Does anyone really think the Russians and Chinese would not have used tactical nuclear weapons if they had them? These communist/dictator leaders do not care about their people at all.

So…., what happens when Russia starts to come apart? Here’s an easy prediction; Finland will expand eastward. Finland will retake the territory it lost in the Winter War and more. Much of Northeast Russia is historically Finnish to include the region called Karelian. There is another Finnish-speaking ethnic region in North-Central Russia called Komi (I think); Finland may expand eastward to include that. The same game the Russians played will be used against Belarus; the Poles of southern Belarus will be relinked with Poland. The Baltic States will expand eastward swallowing up much of Belarus and South-Western Russia. Russia will cease to exist as a state, let alone a major power.  The transportation network of rail and ports will tend to hold large chunks of the Russian Federation together in loose groupings of common economic interests, but the chasm between Muslims and Christian will be a great divider.

What about Siberia and everything East of the Urals? Obviously, the Chinese will attempt to expand up into the Arctic. As Russia collapses, China, Japan, and the United States will be vying to grab land and resources; even if it is to limit China. In other posts, I have written about the coming collapse of China into the sea. When that happens, large parts of central Siberia will collapse with it. Japan will reclaim the Kiril Islands and seize much of what was Eastern Russia (including Vladivostok). The US will seize portions near Alaska and north of the Aleutians. Japan and the US will be allied together for the foreseeable future.

Japan will be added to the “5Eyes” alliance of English-speaking countries; the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Taiwan will survive and join the US-Japanese-Australian alliance. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and most of Central Asia and North Africa will be challenged by gigantic rolling earthquakes that come from the collapse of China; much of the modern progress will be destroyed.

Wow. Our world is changing massively. No more China or Russia. A Europe that is rejecting the EU and coming together for mutual protection under NATO. With Russia gone (or going), will NATO survive? Yes, at least in part as a way to hold on to access to the American market. Germany has pissed everyone off; their export economy will not survive much beyond another 5 years. Germany will be broken up and divided between France, Czechia, and Poland. In the future, no one will want a unified Germany. Poland will expand westward (Kaliningrad) and northward into parts of Belarus. Poland, unlike Germany, embraced the digital revolution and microprocessors (chips); it will soon be the new Germany in Europe. Look for an alliance between the Nordic countries, the Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine, and Romania; some call this the Three Seas Initiative. The UK will lead the other European Alliance which will include the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece. Not sure which way the Czechs, Slovakians, Austrians, Hungarians, and Bulgarians will go, but probably with the Poles. Britain and Poland will be the leaders that speak to the Americans. The Swiss will stay independent with a foot in both camps.

Ukraine will be rebuilt rapidly. The oil, gas, wheat, other grains, metals, etc., will be controlled by the Ukrainians; they will seize much of Russia’s Black Sea coast. Georgia will retake its lost territory. Turkey will survive the massive subduction of the Middle
East and North Africa, but not as an Islamic State. Islam is a very dark (left-spin) religion; Allah has other names that include Baal and Moloch; the forces of Light and Neutral are dissolving all Dark religions. Moloch is the god of Child Sacrifice; think Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Issac. Many senior Vatican Popes, Cardinals, and Priests are worshippers of Moloch. Read about Adrenochrome, where it comes from, and what it is used for. Your results will be very ugly/disgusting, so act accordingly.

Russia today has a GDP equal to or less than that of Spain; it is not a superpower. The world still thinks it has nuclear weapons; that is the only reason people now fear Russia. NOT!!! When Putin loses in Ukraine, he will not last long. Perhaps, he is dying of illness now. Regardless, Russia will begin to dissolve soon; just like the last time, the USSR, it will happen rapidly. The Ukrainians will be given the first grab(s) at any low-hanging fruit. NATO or one of the British/Polish alliances (or both) will seize the Russian gas and oil (and other) operations and continue to supply Europe.

All of these changes (and more) are the result of a shift in Energies from Pisces to Aquarius. 2022 is the changeover year. Many more changes coming like those described above and worse. Tune into yourSelf. Ask about where you are supposed to be and who you are supposed to be with; those will be increasingly important questions. In Aquarius, the individual has much more power than the collective and we must all act accordingly.

We have all gone through the tyrannies of the collective trying to crush individual freedoms. At a country level, we are seeing this play out in Ukraine. And yes, Ukraine is winning with much of the world’s help.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Please take the time to learn how to get answers from your Head nods and shakes. A nod is a Yes and a shake is a NO. You will be able to rely on your answers increasingly as we get into 2022 (and beyond).

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