Is there a PLAN?

Yes! There is a Plan for all of us. When we are waiting for another body (and a new life), we actually participate in setting up options for ourSelves in that new life. We get to choose our parents, our socio-economic status, our country or nation, our birthday and, even, our names.

Where we go to school, what sports and what college or university is all pre-PLANNED. We even setup who we will be attracted to as a possible mate. Normally, there are more than one and we have a choice. We do have divorce to allow us to keep looking. This applies to our jobs and careers as well. We all have a choice as to whether we move towards Darkness or Light. We all get to choose our Plan.

There are no accidents. No luck. No happenstances. EVERYTHING is a SetUp by the PLAN.

This Plan is there for all the Humans on the many (millions) planets. The Plan is there for trillions of us in the Nine (9) local universes that make up our Milky Way.

Until recently (2002), all of Humanity could be catagorized as Fire Beings. Think MerKaBa and Tetrahedrons; that is the Fire Being shape. See my page on the Platonic Solids.

Most Fire Beings, everywhere, were not very advanced in their journey home (by remembering who and what they were). There are four hierarchical degrees for Fire Beings; Adept, Vertical Master, Horizontal Master and Mahatma (all have 4 sub-degrees). Very few of us have ever gotten to the 4th stage Adept and they were considered the greatest Magicians in history.

There was a way to return to Spirit; it was called the Ascended Master path. The Fire Being learned how to vibrate his/her energies higher and higher (in different levels) to ascend into a higher realm or dimension. We are in the 9th realm/level and can move towards the zero (0) level to return to Spirit. Some of us got as far as the 5th level and ran into a “glass ceiling.” The Fire Being bureaucrats in Heaven did not want any Spirit-in-a-Body getting ahead of them. Sad, but true. You didn’t think that bureaucrats and glass ceilings only exist here, do you?

After Eons and Eons, Spirit noticed that the path back was being blocked. Trust and Faith have been lost along the way. People (Beings) were sent out on many different planets to find a new way Home.

The Newman path described on this site is one such, new path back to Spirit. This path allows Fire Beings to reconfigure their energy centers to become Adepts, Masters and Mahatmas much easier and much faster. No more spending 20 years at a Mystery School for stage 2 or 3 Adept.

Once you are on the Newman Path, the Plan will send you opportunities to advance. Yes, the Fire Being Plan is still operating, even for Fire Beings on the Newman Path.

OK. There are two Plans; one for Dark Beings (Left-Spinners) and one for Light Beings (Right-Spinners). The Dark Being Plan has been in charge for more than 10,000 years. That explains a lot? So…We moved into the Aquarius Age in December 2012. The transition will be completed in December 2021 (Nine is the number of completion).

So, we are in June 2020. How far along is this transiiton? We are at an 80% level of powre, but that powre is still quite weak. Darkness is at a 20% level of power and it, too, is quite weak. The powre/power of both will continue to grow with each passing month.

That brings us back to the Plans. The Dark Plan has lost much of its former power (was 80%, now 20%). Most people in the world came into their lives as Dark or Left-Spin beings as that offered a greater chance of an easier life. The energetic change just occurred and most of the impacts are not being felt yet. The Worldwide Pandemic is the first great shift; it is a massive ReSet or ReBoot of the energies in the world.

The Newman Path openned up in 2002. Fire Beings were able to re-configure their energy centers and become Masters, Mahatmas and even Earth Beings (by putting themSelves into a Hexahedron/Cube). Everyone who put themSelves on the Newman Path was ahead of themSelves by as much as 18 years.

Wait, you mean these new degrees of powre were meaningless? Not completely, but the Light Plan was not ready for us YET. As the Light (Right-Spin) Plan did not know what to do with us, it put us all into a form of quarentine or lock-down. None of us could use our powres to help ourSelves or others. Yes, we could still communicate and grow with Spirit, but we could not use our Powres in this physical world; we were not part of the Plan.

I have been very active inventing a whole range of wonderful new technologies (see but they, too, were quarentined (not part of the Plan).

All Right! or All Light! Today, I was told by Spirit that the Light Plan is ready for the Newman Pathers, especially those who are Earth Beings.

What does this mean? Not sure, but, now, we are part of the Plan (and not sitting on the side lines). It does mean that we will be getting our powres and that there will be an integrated way for Earth Beings to interact with Fire Beings. Earth Beings are vastly more powreful beings than Fire Beings.

As I said, we are in the middle of a vast RE-BOOT. Part of that will be the introduction of Earth Beings as beings of great Majikal Powre. We are also going into a Mini-Ice Age, a Magnetic Pole Shift and massive Earth Changes that are part of a CLEANSING of Dark Influences. Most hard Left-Spinners will be leaving (dying/going to another life on some other planet).

This will also be a time of great transformations in our technologies. This will apply to food production, fishing, farming, making metals, digital data and communications, health, education, and local/regional/national governments.

Oh, BTW, Earth Beings now have Earth Beings in overwatch in Heaven. The Fire Beings that blocked the Ascended Master path and messed with us over the past several decades no longer have power/powre over Newmen. Just one more incentive to become a Newman or Newoman.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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