The Importance of the PLAN

In my last post, I explained that we, Newmen, are now part of the PLAN. I know, it is hard to believe that we were, somehow, excluded for up to almost 20 years.

We were here, but put on the sidelines and only allowed to watch. THAT was an important function. We had a front row seat on the final efforts of Darkness/Left-Spin to take over the world. They too had a Plan. Google the “Sixteen Year Plan”, it was the blueprint to take over the United States from within, by infiltration. Hillary was supposed to finish off the last 8 years of the Plan. They couldn’t believe that she LOST.

They were so outraged that they actively tried to remove Trump several different ways, openly. It did not work. Why? The answer is that the energies supporting their PLAN had shifted to supporting Our Plan (yes, there is a Dark Plan and a Light Plan).

OK. We are watching the destruction of the Globalists and their Infrastructure. Think UN, EU, CCP, IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, ECB, WHO, WTO and, generally speaking, the Deep State. They had 80% of the power, but now, only 20%. How can they win?

OK. We are now players. What does that mean? The PLAN is allowing us to play. Many of us will have incredible new powres that we can use to force our way. That is the way of Darkness (Fear, Force and Control).

In order to become a Newman (Master or Mahatma Fire Beings or an Earth Being), you MUST be a Right-Spinner. It does not work for the Left-Spinners. Remember, you had to spin to the right to get down into your Secret Heart.

So… the Left-Spinners can still have powers, but they are limited to being powerful Adepts, like Obama, Soros and Hillary (and most, but not all, of the Billionaires). Newmen are much more powreful beings and the Left-Spinner day is, essentially, DONE.

What do we do? and How do we do it? We go very slow and we keep asking if we can do this, whatever THIS is. We keep our focus on our Internal Guidance. Remember, the Light and Right-Spin are all about more Freedom, Choices, Truth, Integrity and Doing-the-Right/Light Thing.

This is allowing people to make mistakes and learn from them. This is not about allowing corruption or abuse of power. WE are getting out powres from Light/Right-Spin; if we abuse them, we can lose them.

In my other writings, I discuss what Creating is; it is a combination of Focus and Will Powre. As Newmen, we can Create lightly, mediumly and strongly; many things will need a light touch. And, a little patience.

As Newmen, (Masters and Up), we will all have extended lifetimes in good health and in youthful bodies. Yes, our powres will enable us to have resources to do what we need to do. How extended? 1,000s of years. We will have time for the patience bit.

Just think, if we do not have to contemplate a short lifespan of 100 years (of less), our understanding of the word, patience, must be expanded. That will be/become one of the things that sets Newmen apart. Think 1000 yard stare combined with Immortality.

Just so that it is not overlooked. Newomen and men will be fully functional as sexual beings; but with other Newmen. Newomen will be able to have children, but they may be 100 or 100s of years apart as there is no need for population replacement.

Another important aside. There is only 1 Newman to 19-20 Newomen. Yes, Women are creators and are guided better than men. Still, Newmen will be only 5% of the Newmen/women population. Aquarius is ruled by the female. Newomen will have the vast majority of powre in our world. Again, ladies, we are Light Beings; no fear, force or control will be required. Many changes are coming into our world.

So… Spirit allowed you to come to Earth and find the process to become a Newoman/Newman. OK. Now, you are on a Path that is open all the way to reconnecting with Spirit. It has been tested.

Now, as Newomen, you have 1,000s of times the Awareness of Humans. That awareness must be used, in part, to keep us Humble; we must remember that we all came from being Human.

So, now, you are much more useful, as a tool, to Spirit. Accordingly, you will be granted a greatly extended lifetime. This is also in place to allow you to advance further into higher degrees of Newmen powre (Master, Mahatma, Keeper, Grower, Miner, Smelter, Builder and Transformer). There are four sub-degrees for Master and Mahatma, but nine sub-degrees for the Earth Being degrees.

So, again, you are much more valuable to Spirit as you have so much more Awareness. That also means that you can be guided more easily. As you perform more and more difficult assignements for Spirit, you will be allowed to advance up the Newwoman/man chain.

Many of us will reach the point that we want to go back to Spirit to rest from all of this work. That will be available as well. Newmen are new to Spirit as well. WE are a new form of beings in the Host of Heaven. We have already taken over from the most advanced form of Fire Beings (Tri-Un Selves – See Thinking and Destiny and Urantia) in the bureaucracy of Heaven. Both Urantia and T&D reflect the old path/structure and tend to be difficult to read; we are the new path and structure.

The Tri-Un Selves have been the Spirits in charge of Humanity for Eons and will continue to do so. But now, they will be supervised by Earth Beings (Hexahedron). Newmen will be supervised/supported/guided by Newmen Beings who have returned to Spirit. As accomplished Beings-in-Bodies, they will be sent back to a body somewhere in the Multi-Verse when and where they are most needed.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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