Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We are in the last week of the “Old”; the ways of doing and thinking. In seven days, we will, finally, be in Aquarian Energies. Lookup on YouTube, the “Times, they are changing” by Bob Dylan and the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” by the Fifth Dimension; they were both very prophetic.  Also, “Ticket to Ride” by the Beatles. The Universe was telling us to get prepared for changes and those changes are upon us.

I will try and give you some idea of what is coming at us.  Let’s take Christianity; it is a worldwide religion that many millions practice. Energetically, it is about 80% Dark (controlling, especially the Old Testament), but the New Testament is 20% Light; that’s where the hope comes from. On January 1st, 2022, The amount of Darkness in Christianity will drop to 20%, suddenly. The amount of Light will stay the same. Christianity will move forward with only 40% of its current power/powre; it will still be significant, but much weaker.

Since we are talking about religions, let’s address Islam as well. Allah is also Ba’al and also Malach. Islam is 100% Dark. So what’s going to happen to Islam next week? It will, suddenly, drop to 20% of its power. Oh shit, not good. Aquarian energy will be dominated by the female; Islam is toast. Also, Aquarian energies will no longer support “follow the leader, school, flock or herd.” Go your own way will be supported.

I’ve probably stirred up some juices, but my point is that everything that we have been thinking and doing is going to undergo similar changes to the two examples discussed above. Marriage, law, business, banking, education, militaries, government, courts, medicine, Everything. Worldwide, we are already seeing millions tell their bosses to shove it. This is not accidental; it is a power shift of massive proportions.

Suddenly, Darkness will drop to 20% and Light will be able to put its 80% power anywhere it wants. Light is not necessarily going to pump up anything that Darkness has been running for 1000s of years. It may, or it may go off in an entirely new direction(s).

Massive changes are coming. Be prepared. We are in the first year of a 100-year Mini Ice Age. It is going to get very cold in the Northern and Southern parts of the Globe; review the weather patterns of Australia this year, snow in Summer. It is not Global Warming; that is total BS. Just look at the impact of that nonsense; not enough coal, or oil or natural gas or, even, nuclear power. Many millions will be very cold this winter with not a lot of choices. Oh yes, the Elites want to take our cars away; it will be easier to control us.

But…….next week our world moves into the energies of more freedom, more choice, more truth/integrity, and more doing-the-right-things.

The Dark assholes do not realize it……, yet, but their massive 80% power based on fear, force, and control is gone; it is now only 20% and is being opposed by goodness. They cannot get to their planned objectives anymore. They will be hunted down and killed soon, everywhere. They have even pushed Davos back to the Summer; are they losing control?

Our world is changing. Bitcoin and other cryptos, Brexit, the collapse of the EU, the irrelevance of the UN, the Deep State (to include the Vatican, the Rothschilds, the Banksters, and the CCP). The shift to socialism in the United States was killed (Build Back Bankruptcy bill) and the Corrupt Politicians Bill (takeover of elections by the Feds) was killed as well. The Deep State Biden Presidency is toast and polling is as low as 22% (VP at 12%). They stole the election, but cannot do anything with it; they are being opposed by the Universe!

So…, it may look like everything is going to Hell in a Handbasket, but good things are happening. Everything is being “teed up” as in Golf. 2022 will bring more massive changes than any of us know. Buy, pack and keep a “bugout bag” handy; be ready to run on short notice.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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