Its 9/11 and also 7/11; a Significant Date

The Twin Towers and Benghazi both happened on 9/11. The world was supposed to take notice of this date as a significant date. Well, here we are again and something important is happening today.

Just like the two previous 9/11’s mentioned, today is a day of destruction; it is time to destroy the old Order. Whoa, that is a tall order. What do you mean “destroy” the old Order?

Energy flows in waves for the collective. It ebbs and flows between Darkness and Light. Most recently, the flow has been in the direction of Light and new templates have been established that are heavily weighted towards Light. These are broad changes that need triggers to actually make the change(s).

Today, 9/11, is a trigger day. Light/Spirit has taken great pains to prepare those of us who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the in-sight or knowing to use. Everyone on the planet has heard of some reference to 9/11 in recent years and many are watching and waiting for some destructive event or events to happen today. It may or may not be what is expected, but today is a trigger day.

The new templates are all being “executed” or “run” today; they are like programs or apps that must be run at the appointed time to achieve the desired effect. The old Order which was dominated by fear, force, control and resistance to change is being swept into the dustbin of their story’ a new, much nicer story is emerging rapidly.

It is the story of freedom, choice, truth, self-reliance and change for the better and that program has been installed and will now, run.

What is this program being run on? In our case it will be run on the entire planet on both the surface and the hollow, interior world. But it is far more extensive than that; it will also be run in our Solar System and the other star systems orbiting the same sun as we do, Alcione, and the other star systems  that Alcione orbits.  This called a local universe and there are nine of them in our Milky Way Multi-verse (we are the furthest out, Ninth Universe). And yes, there is a Central Sun or Star-Body that everything orbits around.

What changes will this bring? And how long before we start to see them? Fear will start to lose its grip on people, organizations, institutions and states starting today.  Go away and leave me alone will grow in power. The Power of Governments and rule through the power of a gun will be diminished greatly by the end of the year. The Sovereign Power of Individuals will increase; those who cannot handle that sovereign power will leave in large numbers. This is not a reflection on goodness or badness, but how much Light they have; those with too much Darkness (fear, force and control) will be very glad to leave as quickly as they can.

Happy 9/11!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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