Islam is DARKNESS; it Must be Rooted Out

In the West, we have this belief in “freedoms” or speech, assembly and religion. We believe that what God you worship is your business as long as you do not try to impose your religion on others. We call this Civilization.

There is a problem here. Islam is not just a religion, it is a set of political laws called Sharia and embedded in Islams Holy Book, the Que ran, is a chapter on forcing non-believers to convert by the sword. This is called Jihad and this is where the Jihadists get their inspiration and “Holy” guidance. This is not an aberration or a radicalization, but is part of being a Muslim.

In the Christian Bible, there are two chapters related to St Paul called Corinthian and Thessalonian which were two Christian cities in what is now Turkey. Why are they no longer Christian,? Because the Islamites arrived and forced everybody to convert to Islam or die; just like ISIS/ISIL is doing now in Northern/Eastern Syria and Western/Northern Iraq.

Islam is also called Mohammedanism. Focus on the last three letters, ISM. Think of other ISMs like Socialism or Communism or Feudalism or Capitalism. These are all political structures and Nations have gone to war over the imposition of these ISMs. In fact, the West has already gone to war with Islam several times; they were called the Crusades and were wars of massive cultural differences. We are now at war with Islam again, but this war is everywhere a Mosque is. Wherever the Muslims go, they bring their Sharia Law with them and demand it be imposed even if it goes against existing Western Laws and cultural norms.

Anyone looking at Islam from the West must wonder what on Earth makes the Sunni Muslims feel like it is OK to kill Shia Muslims and vice versa while they are both trying to force Unbelievers to convert. Hold on to your shock factor! Shiites believe in the Second Coming of Mohammad and call this being the Mahdi. This is why Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons; they want to give these weapons to the Mahdi who is supposed to be arriving soon.  Here is the shocking part; Shiites believe that the Mahdi will be born from a man, not a woman. The Sunnis know about this belief and consider it to be blasphemous in the extreme. Sunnis do not treat their women well by Western standards, but Shiites hold women in very low regard as the Mahdi will not even be born of woman.

Islam is not a religion; it is a political ISM and cannot co-exist with other religions or cultures.

OK. This is a spiritual blog and I will add the Spiritual piece now.  I write a lot about the struggle between Darkness and Light. In Mecca, there is a structure that every Muslim must face and bow down in prayer to several times a day; it is the Qua Ba.  What is the Qua Ba? It is a meteorite that fell from Space many thousands of years ago. It was worshiped by Arab Tribes long before Mohammed. It is a black obsidian cube that is 6ft x 6ft x 6ft that supposedly fell to Earth as a cube with sharp edges and points. The Qua Ba is the home of Darkness on this planet. Praying to Allah is praying to Darkness; it really is that simple. Darkness is fear, force, control and resistance to change; does that not describe Islam well.

There is no room for Islam in the new Light templates.  Bye bye.


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