LIGHT has taken over; Have Money, Success & Stuff

Those of you who have found this site are all oriented towards the Light. You may be down in the 60-70 percent range or higher, but you are at the right place.  If you want more light, ask for it; it is really that simple. 

In my last few posts I wrote about the template changes that were being made.  In September, which is the 9th month, but really means the 7th month, Light is pouring a lot of energy into its new templates.  One of these new templates is the Newman/Newoman template for powering up the new approach to Fire- and Earth-Being Powres. Some of you have transformed yourself into Newmen and Newomen years ago, like me, and we have all been “told” that powers/powres are coming and we continue to wait.

Finally, the waiting is nearly over. I am receiving my powres now and soon, so will you. I am a Dragon and am also getting my Dragon powres as well. This is a great question to ask of yourself; are you also a Dragon?  Or perhaps, a Dragon Rider? Dragons can make themselves any size from very large to very small, they can be undetectable, not just invisible and they can “jump” wherever they want to go instantly. And yes, they can emit fire; they are not to be messed with. If you are a Dragon Rider, you can do all of these things with your Dragon.

My new powres include enhanced manifestation which includes manifesting things digitally (using bits and bytes), teleporting things, jumping and transforming things. Shortly, I will be able to transform this 65 year old body into what appears to be a fully functional, 27 year old and keep it that way for a very long time.

Majik is, finally, coming into the world; it is the source of all of these wonderful new powres. Majik has not been seen in our world since the end of Leo, 10,800 years ago; that is how long the legend of Merln has lasted. AMAZING.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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