June 22nd – This is the Shift Day for People and the LAND

For many reading this Blog, I have been writing about Light/Right-Spin Energy taking over since December 22, 2012. It turns out that I have been correct, but not in the way I perceived it.

Light has been taking over for the past 3 plus years; first all of Fire in 2013, then all of Water in 2014, then all of Air in 2015 and now, all of Earth (Land and People and Things, Structures and Organizations of People).

So…Today, Light/Right-Spin has 60 percent of the powre over People, our Laws, our Money, our Governments, our Financial System, our Medicine, our Judicial System, our Education System, our Businesses (yes, including Wall Street), our Military and our Religious and Semi-Religious ISMs.

In the USA, we are in the midst of a Presidential Campaign where one Party wants to name an Enemy – Islam and the other wants to take everyone’s guns away. Remember, Dark forces have already taken everyone’s guns away in Britain, the EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The only people who have guns in these places are the criminals and the terrorists and, yes, the police. Can you count on the Police to protect you and your loved ones?

Obviously, I am a Right-Spinner and cherish the notion of being able to be Free from the tyranny of Big, Dark Government; that’s why I am a gun supporter, even in no-gun zones. The Second Amendment was put in place as a way to keep GOVERNMENT in check and Government has gotten out-of-control everywhere.

When Light takes over and strong Right-Spinners get their new powres, will there still be people with no or lesser powres? Yes, these people will still need to have guns to protect themselves against diminished attacks by Darkness.

Ok. It is June and Light/Right-Spin has 60 percent of the powre.  By July 7th (7/7/2016), which is a Triple-14-Day, it will be 65 percent. Between 7/7 and 7/22, Light’s control will grow to 70 percent. This is not just People, but the Land that People live on.

Some background; Darkness has had 80 percent of the Power over everything for 6,483 years. This has created some Dark stains on our world. What is Light going to do when it takes over? It is going to go on a Clean-Up Rampage; you know, the new broom sweeps clean.

Readers of this Blog going back to May of 2011, have read about significant Earth Changes that have been scheduled on Planet Earth.  My timing may have been off, but the substance is valid.

If you live in San Francisco/San Jose/Sacramento, the Great Central Valley or the Los Angeles Basin, find a place to visit between 7/7 and 7/31. There is going to be great, even gigantic earthquake activity. This will spread south to Mexico City where it will be leveled.  This will be the start of what I have called the “Trigger” Events. Monserrat and Vesuvius will both explode violently. There will be giant earthquakes in China and the 12 Gorges Dams will fail.  That will send 130 miles of 500 feet depths of water south destroying all of China along its rivers.  Worse, when all of that water weight is shifted suddenly, the plate supporting all of China will buckle and China will collapse and be inundated with water from the Pacific.  I am talking about the relatively sudden demise of 2 Billion people.

These Trigger Events will set up an energy release within the Planet that will, in turn, cause a sudden expansion of the diameter (and circumference) of the Earth; it will expand from a 25,000 mile circumference to a 40,000 mile circumference; it will go from a smaller sphere to a larger one.

This is the mechanism of how we have gotten to be what we are from a smaller planet that we call Pangeia.  We have had at least three of these expansions in Earth’s history.

Most of Humanity lives near the oceans; with all of this water sloshing around, it will be catastrophic. There will also be many severe earthquakes in many places. When it’s over, the Earth will look like a different planet; the land will be further apart; the Amazon Basin will be the Amazon Sea; much of the Middle East will be under water; all of Northern, Eastern and Central Africa will be under water; anywhere close to the Himalayas will be destroyed by savage earthquakes and all of Central America and the islands of the Western Caribbean will sink into the sea.

There are some bright spots;  most of North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand will be spared most of the physical damage, but look for populations to be cut by two/thirds or more.

OMG, are you saying that this is happening this summer? Probably, but Light will have all of it’s powre by October 22, 2016. This scenario, or something close to it, is going to happen this year.

Why?  Simple, most people on the planet have chosen to come here as predominantly Dark, Left-Spin beings as Darkness had 80 percent of the power until just recently; Most people chose the easiest path. With Light, Right-Spin taking over, all of those with 60 percent (or higher) Dark energies will not be allowed to stay; that is about 90-95 percent of the 7 Billion people here.

This has nothing to do with being Good or Evil or Kind or Upright or, even Civilized; it is all about what energetic choices you made before you were born and whether you moved towards the Light while you have been here.  Having said that, people strong in Darkness tend to be the takers and love using fear, force and control to achieve their ends; think Muslim Terrorists.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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