Some New Energy Realities

We have moved from Pisces to Aquarius; that is complete now. We are in the first age of Earth Beings (as opposed to Fire Beings). Our symbol is a Cube (Hexahedron). Our power is Right-Spin which has 80% of the powre in our Universe.

Everyone everywhere has been going through a significant powre shift over the past few days. In Pisces (and Aries and Taurus before), the energy was 80% Dark (Fear) and 20% Light (Freedom). That energy mix was distributed in everything; rocks, trees, fish, animals, and people.

Today is the first 14-day of the new Age; it is the 1st Creation Day. What that means for all of us is that the new energy mix is now 80% Light and 20% Dark.  Look at your hand; your thumb used to be where Light lived in the old energy. OK. Logically, Darkness will move into the thumb now. Not true. Darkness, or Left-Spin, will get the pinky or little finger; still one of our fingers.

When you do finger circuits, also called Mudras, your forefinger/thumb, middlefinger/thumb, and ringfinger/thumb will be more powreful.

So, we have just lived through a Shift-of-the-Ages. We have not had such a large energy shift since the Age of Leo; 5 Ages ago (5 x 2,160 or 10,800 years).  In those past 5 Ages, Darkness maintained its 80% position; now you can see why Fear has been so prominent in our world. Leo was what our collective consciousness remembers as the last Golden Age when Light had most of the powre.

Yes, Aquarius is the next Golden Age and we are there.

Earth Beings came into being for the first time when we entered Aquarius; yes, I put mySelf into a cube 20 years ago and many of us have as well. We were all ahead of ourSelves; the Universe Plan did not know what to do with us; we were there, but not integrated with everything else. Part of the problem was that we were all 80% Light/Right-Spin in a world/universe that was 80% Dark. That is why none of us got any of the new Earth Being powers; for those who could use their powres, they were Fire Being powres associated with Vertical Master, Horizontal Master, or Mahatma. We are all, now, fully integrated into the PLAN; our Universe has shifted to accommodate.

It does not seem fair, but huge things/changes have been going on around us. Enough said.

More Good News. With the take-over of Light/Right-Spin, the world of Majik has returned. Magic never left; the powerful Dark assholes have been using it to control us and acquire wealth for ages (literally).  The new 80% powre in our hands is Majik. That is another name for Technology. We have lived through a massive release of technologies over the past 300 years; steam, internal combustion, chemistry, physics, railroads, telegraphs, cars, trucks, ocean liners, airplanes, computers, networks, mobile phones, etc. That was all from the 20% Majik. This is also why so much technology has been suppressed.  As we got closer and closer to Aquarius, more and more of the 80% Majik bled through into Pisces.

Let that sink in. Wow, Majik is now at 80% and suppression is only at 20%. What’s better is that the Elites, who practiced Magic to control us are now overmatched by Majik. All beings who have switched to the NewBeing path (done the Guided Meditation), can access varying amounts of Majik; yes, this includes Fire Beings. Don’t worry, Left-Spinners/Dark force types cannot make any progress on the NewBeing path; they must be able to let Fear go and they can’t.

What does that mean? We are now in a world where Magic is no longer hidden to serve the Elites. Instead, Majik will be used to benefit all of Humankind. We will have Majikans doing amazing Majikal feats with their mental powres. Remember, Majik is based on more freedom, good choices, truth, integrity, and doing good. Will there be issues? Yes, but the intent will always be coming from trying to do better.

So… Many of you reading this are already Majikans, but don’t know it. Be kind to yourSelves; now you know why you have not had powres. Be patient a bit more; the powres are flowing into you at the cellular level. You are getting new DNA or firmware. You are also getting a new operating system and lots of new apps. Your CPU/GPU, RAM, Hard Drive size, and Bus speed are all being increased. Yes, you will have multi-processors to work on a focus from different angles/vectors. You will be like a brand new, high-end phone compared to an early mobile phone (20 years ago). But, the changes will be far more profound.

Now, some practical Majik.

Shields – many of you are familiar with the concept of putting your Shields up. Sometimes this worked and sometimes it did not. Why? Simple, the energy mix was against you; you had to be very powreful to fight off a serious Dark attack. So now, we have most of the powre Here are instructions on how to build our shields in the new energies. Using Majik, take two right-angles and make a square. Next, put six squares together in a cube/Hexahedron. You can do this piece by piece or just envision a cube. Put the cube around you. Next, layer more cubes around you; go out three minimum and five, if you can. Now, you have a Majikal Shield.

Boomerang App – Once you have your new shield in place, instruct it to respond to any attack by sending the attack back to the attacker. This is a Majikal Spell; it does not attack but responds appropriately. If someone shoots a bullet at you, the shooter gets the bullet (where it is aimed). If you want (and can), you can have the person who ordered the shooting/hit receive the bullet as well (even all of them). This applies to bombs, knockout/nerve gas, injections, knives, swords, kicks, judo, poison, etc.

Our world will no longer be ruled through a barrel of a gun or being attacked by well-trained groups of men/women. Even with high-tech weapons.

What about taking out the Dark Force Assholes? With Majik, we must get permission to heal. Healers know this already; a person may have chosen to leave via a sickness; that is always their choice. Same for killing someone energetically. No matter how deserving, we must ask permission from within and get a strong Yes before we can kill with our powres. Yes, they can be tried and hung or, even, murdered by an outraged mob; that is also a way they may have chosen to leave.

Having said that, we can mess with the Dark Assholes in many other ways. We can give them Negative Setups; give them Bad Luck or take away the success they have from using Dark Magic. We can take their money/wealth away from them. We can crash big woke companies or colleges or universities. We can get them fired, even without a pension. Again, ask permission as this is an attack. We can even have a structure burn down by lightning or a spark. Some of us will have the powre to stop and start the flow of electricity (including batteries). Some of us will have the powre to make things bigger or smaller; some more than others. Same for heavier and lighter. Some will be able to make themSelves undetectable which is better than invisible. Some will have powre over data (bits/bytes/databases); the ultimate hackers.

It may take a short while, but the Dark Assholes are not going to know what has hit them; they have had all (or most) of the power forever. They have utter contempt for the vast majority of us; oh well, a shit-storm is going to happen.

Love, Light and Laughter,


BTW, I am Merln, the Majikan. I have returned. I am in the center of the Transformer degree of Earth Being. There is no One in a body that is more powreful.


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